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9 Bikini Sports (Besides Beach Volleyball)

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Beach volleyball is always one of the most popular sports at the Summer Olympics, and the reason is obvious: dudes love hot women in bikinis. The geniuses who run the Lingerie Football League get it. And now there’s also an attempt to bring sexy back to basketball in the form of a Bikini Basketball League—recently founded in Canada, of all places.

I say, why stop there? The world obviously needs more bikini sports.

On that note, today we present to you a list of what the women’s sports world might look like if every sport followed the example set by beach volleyball and had their competitors compete in bikinis. So behold: 9 awesome bikini sports…besides beach volleyball.

9. Bikini Billiards
bikini billiards
I’m pretty sure you’re not allowed to climb on the table and move the balls with your hands when you’re playing billiards. But whose going to tell this buxom hottie to stop? Not me. Not anybody, I suspect. (She gives a new meaning to “rack ‘em up,” doesn’t she?)

8. Bikini Hockey
janet jones gretzky
Hey, look, it’s Wayne Gretzky’s wife, Janet Jones Gretzky. And she’s wearing hockey gear. That’s pretty awesome. It’s also exactly what I imagine the typical Bikini Hockey League player would look like. Well, maybe I’d make the stocking a little sexier. Oh, and I’d probably throw in some shoulder pads. But this is more or less what I had in mind. Thanks Mrs. G!

7. Bikini Bowling
bikini bowling
This photo of bikini bowlers is pretty hot. And I found a couple other hot ones, too. However, I also found some that weren’t so hot.

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry is dating that girl who likes to walk around the house naked all the time, and he and the gang are discussing whether or not that is totally awesome? Jerry says it sounds awesome, but there are certain things people just don’t look good doing naked, no matter how hot they are. Well, add bowling to that list.

Still, the idea is fantastic, and these lovely women look great posing.

6. Bikini Basketball
bikini basketball
As I said in the intro above, there actually is a Bikini Basketball league. They stream their games on the internet. Or they will, anyway, once they’re actually playing games. So far there have only been a series of tryouts. If you want to watch those, you can get a three-week subscription for $9. This photo here is from one of the league’s tryouts.

They may be on to something. And maybe they can fill the void if the NBA season ends up being cancelled altogether.

5. Bikini Snowboarding
bikini snowboarding
Bikini snowboarding? Sounds great for the spectators, but pretty harsh for the competitors. I imagine one of the major sponsors would have to be Vaseline Intensive Care moisturizing lotion, or there would be some seriously chapped midriffs. Then again, I’ve never tried it. Maybe it’s not as cold as it sounds.

4. Bikini Table Tennis
bikini ping pong
I guess this girl is wearing lingerie rather than a bikini, but let’s not split hairs here. You get the idea. The bigger problem in this photo is the fact that she is sitting on a bed. Hot chicks laying all sexy-like on beds are great and all, but it’s really impractical for playing ping pong. So if we’re ever going to get serious about bikini table tennis, the girls are going to have to stand up and actually play.

3. Bikini Baseball
nicolita bikini baseball
They love their baseball so much in Cuba that they even have bikinis designs inspired by baseball uniforms. Then they incorporate baseball into their advertisements for said bikinis. That’s what this photo actually is: an ad for Cuban bikini designer Nicolita. But of course this ad serves a dual purpose, because it also shows us how awesome a bikini baseball league would be.

2. Bikini Golf
bikini golf
Meet the ridiculously sexy Venezuelan model, Alejandra Pulido. If there were such a thing as the LPBGA —i.e., the Ladies Professional Bikini Golf Association—Alejandra would be a superstar.

Kind of makes you sad that there isn’t an LPBGA, doesn’t it?

1. Bikini Soccer
bikini soccer
There actually is a women’s soccer team out there that plays (or has played) in bikinis. FC Rossiyanka from the Russian Women’s Premier League—which is, as far as I can tell, a real UEFA-sanctioned league—made a splash over the summer when they announced that they would play their next match in bikinis. Obviously, the idea was to put men in the seats.

Well, that’s nice and all, but none of the girls were quite as hot as the girl in this photo, nor were their bikinis quite as…revealing.