Taiwanese Animation Provides Us With This NBA Lockout Update (Video)

taiwan animation nba lockoutMost of you have probably already heard that NBA Commissioner David Stern has cancelled the entire preseason, as well as the first two weeks of the regular season.  Those are a few of the basic facts regarding the NBA lockout, as the owners and players continue to search for a salary structure they can agree on.

As for those of you who are interested in finding out more about the lockout, the Taiwanese animation crew has provided us with an in-depth look at what has taken place behind the scenes, which apparently includes a one-on-one game between David Stern and Derek Fisher, LeBron James getting dunked on in Taiwan (which actually happened), and Stern marrying another man.

We aren’t quite sure what to make of all of this, so we’ll let you watch the following video and figure it out for yourself.  Good Luck!

Hat Tip – [With Leather]

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