Stephen A. Smith Is Awfully Upset With LeBron James (Video)

stephen a. smithYesterday LeBron James and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll exchanged Tweets with one another suggesting that LeBron may be looking for employment in the NFL and that he may be a good fit catching balls in a Seattle Seahawks uniform.

After James asked ESPN’s John Clayton when the deadline to sign free agents in the NFL was, Pete Carroll intervened, and the following conversation ensued:

@PeteCarroll: hey @KingJames are you aware of what the League’s rookie minimum is?

@KingJames: yeah more than what I’m making now Coach

@PeteCarroll: I kinda think of you as a touchdown maker but is it true you think of yourself as a pass rusher?

@KingJames: TD maker for sure!

@PeteCarroll: @KingJames I like it! maybe you should head over to #TheU & I’ll set up a little workout for you to catch a few balls… just ask for BC

Carroll has since Tweeted this image to LeBron, but this entire act, which is clearly nothing more than a joke, didn’t sit well with NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith, who sounded off on LeBron during his appearance on ESPN’s First Take.

Apparently, Smith believes LeBron is somehow responsible for the lockout and it is up to him to end it.  At least that is what I got from the clip below.  Check it out.

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