Watch Michael Vick Kick A Ball At A Cheerleader (Video)

michael vick with cheerleaderIf the fans of the Washington Redskins didn’t already have enough reasons to hate Michael Vick, he gave them one more after kicking a ball at the Redskins’ cheerleaders following a 31-yard run in the third quarter of yesterday’s game.

After scrambling out of the pocket and making his way down to the Redskins’ 40-yard line, Vick was pushed out of bounds and ran right into a teed-up football on the Washington sideline, which he proceeded to kick in the direction of several of the Redskins’ lovely cheerleaders.  That drew the ire of Redskins fans and other personnel along the sidelines.

At least Michael Vick was kind enough to apologize following the incident, which is more than we can say about the Giants’ Michael Boley.

Hat Tip – [Shutdown Corner]

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