90-Year-Old Cheerleader Does The Splits (Video)

texas tech granny splitsWhen I think of a 90-year-old woman, I usually envision a wrinkly lady making her way around the supermarket while pushing her walker at a snail’s pace.  This may be the typical lifestyle for most senior ladies, but not for those still involved in the college football scene.

Rather than push around their strollers and watch reruns of Golden Girls, the grannies of the NCAA can be found at the football stadiums of their alma mater every Saturday shotgunning beers, doing keg stands, and reliving their cheerleading days from the past by performing the splits in front of the current cheerleading squad.

Ninety-year-old Jane Kuykendall took part in the latter during a Texas Tech home game this past weekend, and from the looks of it, it appears as though that replacement hip of hers is still holding up.

On a side note, we apologize for the poor quality of the video.  It looks like it was recorded off a television that is even older than Jane.

Hat Tip – [Guyism]

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