Picture Of The Day: What A Way To Run A Marathon

juggling marathoner

Should I ever decide to run a marathon in my life, I imagine myself struggling throughout the entire 26 miles, as I begin to lose feeling in all of my extremities and do everything I can to prevent myself from collapsing on the pavement and being trampled on by fellow marathoners.  As for the guy in the above image, not only was hes able to run an entire marathon with ease, but he did so while juggling five balls.

His name is Barry Goldmeier, and “joggling” is nothing new to him, as he claims to have joggled his way through approximately 50 marathons thus far, including the Chicago, Minnesota and Baltimore marathons this fall.  That may sound like a lot of marathons, but being a successful joggler has taught Barry how to juggle such a busy schedule.

Hat Tip – [Just Your Average Joggler]

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