Buffalo Bills Fan Gets Showered With Ketchup And Mustard (Video)

ketchup showerThe pre-game tailgating party is one of the greatest parts about attending a Buffalo Bills game.  But as we all know, a tailgating party just isn’t complete without some ketchup and mustard.  Unfortunately for the tailgater in the video below, he left his condiments at home, leaving him with a dry burger and bun.

Not to worry!  He was able to stumble upon some generous tailgaters who had plenty of ketchup and mustard of their own, and they were more than happy to share it with him…

…Or should we say, all over him.

As far as tailgating traditions go, this may be among the dumbest, but I guess that is what most have come to expect when paying a visit to Orchard Park.

Hat Tip – [Outside The Boxscore]

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