Performing Backflips On The Ice Could Result In A Broken Back (Video)

backflip on iceAnyone who has watched the Red Bull Crashed Ice competition before knows that the athletes who take part in the event are more than willing to sacrifice their bodies in an effort to accomplish their goals and please the crowd in the process.  And while that may help them reach the bottom of the course quicker than their counterparts, it could also result in a broken back.

That was the case for Ross Thompson, who according to the maker of this YouTube video, broke his back during his third unsuccessful attempt at executing a backflip on one of the Red Bull Crashed Ice courses earlier in the year.

The other skater, Lucas Grey, was able to land the jump twice.  As for Thompson, he came close during his first two attempts, but the third time would turn out to be anything but a charm.

Hat Tip Reader Trevor Mack

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