Nick Diaz Beats BJ Penn, Calls Out Georges St-Pierre During Post-Fight Interview (Video)

gsp isn't scaredIt isn’t often we see UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre react to the taunting and trash-talking from his opposition, but it appears as though Nick Diaz pushed all the right buttons following his UFC 137 victory over BJ Penn.

After earning a well-deserved unanimous decision victory, Diaz had the following to say during his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan:

“I don’t think Georges is hurt.  I think he’s scared.  Where you at Georges?”

Those comments didn’t sit well with St-Pierre, who proceeded to sarcastically shake his hands at the camera in fear, before requesting a bout with Diaz.  During the post-fight press conference, Dana White announced that Diaz and St-Pierre would meet in the Octagon at UFC 143, which is set to take place during Super Bowl weekend.

According to Dana, St-Pierre flipped out following Diaz’s comments and told him that “Diaz is the most disrespectful human being I’ve ever met, and I’m going to put the worst beating you’ve ever seen on him in the UFC.”

Interestingly enough, St-Pierre and Diaz were originally set to square off at UFC 137, but Diaz’s inability to show up for a press-conference a few months ago resulted in him being dropped from the fight.  Carlos Condit was chosen to step in for Diaz, but an injury to St-Pierre in September caused their bout to be cancelled and the fight between Diaz and Penn was inserted as the main event of the evening.

Hopefully injuries and missed press-conferences won’t derail their fight this time around, as it should be a good one.  Here is a look at Diaz’s post-fight interview with Joe Rogan (first video), and Dana White’s announcement of Diaz vs. St-Pierre (second video).

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