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NMA’s Take on Joe Paterno and the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal (Video)

by: JamieD On  Friday, March 8, 2013
Tags:  Funny   Joe Paterno   NMA   Penn State   Sex Scandal  

JoePa gets on the busTaiwanese satire video website NMA has given the world their special take on the Penn State sex abuse scandal. This video starts with JoePa getting spirited onto a corrections bus reading “fired” and includes a mob of pedobears led by Michael Jackson. While some feared that NMA had fallen off, this video proves otherwise. It’s a raucous laugh riot from beginning to end. You’ve probably never wondered what two zebras in the Penn State shower look like, but after watching this video, you’re going to know.

The whole situation over at Penn State right now is so horrifying that making light of it seems to be the only sensible course of action. Big thanks to the NMA guys for making the horrific at least slightly humorous.

(h/t The Score)