Mike Tyson Impersonates Herman Cain, Sings "Imagine There's No Pizza" (Video) | Total Pro Sports
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Mike Tyson Impersonates Herman Cain, Sings “Imagine There’s No Pizza” (Video)

by: JamieD On  Friday, November 11, 2011

mike tyson as herman cainMike Tyson has finally discovered his true calling in life; low budget comedy.

Mike is now knocking fans off their chairs laughing, rather than knocking opponents off their feet with his devastating uppercut.  For the past decade Tyson has made several cameo appearances in movies like The Hangover and talk shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live, but now his talents have taken him to the internet.

There is no question that Iron Mike can still draw a crowd, and I can openly say that I love listening to one of his interviews, reading his quotes and singing along with Mike to old classics.  There is just something about a man with a tattoo on his face, who would eat your children, singing ridiculous remixes that brightens my day.

So without further ado, let me present to you Mike Tyson as Herman Cain singing his version of a John Lennon classic “Imagine There’s No Pizza.”