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12 Female Athletes We’re Thankful For

by: AnthonyP On  Thursday, November 24, 2011

We wanted to express our most heartfelt gratitude to the gene pool for producing these lovely ladies. While you’re watching burly men today, remember that female athletes just get hotter and hotter every year. These are 12 female athletes we’re definitely thankful for today.

Serena Williams
serena williams

We need more chicks this hot in the Grand Slams. And we need them winning like Serena Williams. Her past accomplishments in tennis is so impressive that we can’t even begin with where to list them.

Rachel Unitt
Rachel Unitt

Rachel Unitt has us reconsidering our position on whether or not soccer is a real sport (it’s not). She started her career at the young age of 14 playing for the Wolves Women. She’s now a part of the English women’s national team.

Arantxa Rus
Arantxa Rus

Ah, Holland. Producing hot chicks since nearly the beginning of time. One of their latest exports is Arantxa Rus. We’re wishing her a long career of Grand Slam entries so we can see that skirt keep flying up.

Carling Coffing
Carling Coffing

Remember when women’s golf was all kinds of beastly looking women? What happened? Now we have hot chicks like Carling Coffing parading around the links in little skirts. This is Total Pro Sports approved.

Sara Galimberti
Sara Galimberti

When you’re a track star and a beauty queen, it’s kind of cheating. Whatever. All we can say is thank you to Italy for exporting this beauty to the rest of the world. We would have kept her for ourselves.

Allyson Felix
allyson felix

Allyson Felix makes us patriotic. Because not only is she a top-quality track and field runner, she’s also a stone cold fox. And, y’know, that’s what we want America to be known for.

Anouk Hoogendijk

Anouk Hoogendijk is yet another reason to watch soccer. She plays for Bristol Academy Women out of England. This might be reason enough to brave the rain and bad food. Or you can just watch them on TV. Whatever.

Michelle Waterson

Kind of hard to believe, but they now let chicks vote, wear pants and compete in MMA. It’s kind of hot and Michelle Waterson is one reason why. Please don’t call her “The Karate Hottie,” though. She seriously needs a better nickname.

Candace Parker

If you’ve never watched the WNBA, Candace Parker might be the reason to start. The yellow-and-blue jerseys synonymous with Los Angeles have never looked quite so good.

Michelle Wie
michelle wie

Michelle Wie was the youngest person to ever qualify for an amateur USGA tournament when she was only ten years old. Now at the age of 22 she’s tearing up the LPGA. Keep getting hot chicks, LPGA and we’ll keep watching.

Alicia Sacramone
alicia sacramone

Alicia Sacramone is 5’1”, which makes her a giantess by gymnastics standards. Whatever. We’re loving it. Anything that can break up the boring parts of the Olympics with some certified hotness is all right by us.

Lindsey Vonn
lidsey vonn in a bikini

Lindsey Vonn is in the elite of female skiers. She’s won world cups in all the major events of downhill skiing. Not bad for a chick who hasn’t even hit 30 years old yet.