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by: JamieD On  Monday, November 28, 2011
Tags:  Brawl   Finland   Finnish   HIFK   Pelicans   SM Liiga  

finnish brawlWith the likes of Saku Koivu and Teemu Selanne being the country’s most notable exports, many of us have come to think of Finnish hockey players as a rather friendly, non-violent bunch.

Suddenly, a brawl that erupted during an SM Liiga game between HIFK and Pelicans has us thinking otherwise.

While a total of 465 minutes in penalties (an SM Liiga record) is already somewhat unfathomable, it is even harder to believe that 439 of those minutes were handed out during the final 30 seconds of the game.  In all, seven players from each team and both coaches were ejected.

Here is a look at what transpired during the final 30 seconds of this wild match-up.  You can check out all of the third period penalties on the game sheet (translated in English) in the image below the video.

finnish brawl gamesheet

Hat Tip – [Puck Daddy]