Female Wrestler Dark Angel Suffers Nasty Faceplant Outside Ring (Video)

dark angel faceplantThere are many parts of professional wrestling that are fake.  However, there are a few acts that simply cannot be acted out without someone getting seriously inured.  One of those acts would be falling from the top rope, face-first, onto the steel floor outside the ring.

Canadian wrestler Sarah Stock, a.k.a. Dark Angel, was the victim of such during a recent Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre match.  Not knowing that Sarah was hurt, her two opponents then proceeded to stomp on her several times before realizing that the face-first fall had actually injured the 32-year-old woman from Winnipeg.

According to the YouTube description and comments, Sarah survived this accident, walking away from it with only a few bruised ribs and a bruised face.

Here is a look at the Dark Angel faceplant, which we will define as one wrestling’s few moves that simply cannot be faked.

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