This 4th Down Conversion From The Big Ten Championship Makes Me Miss Gus Johnson (Video)

wisconsin catchAfter hearing that Gus Johnson had been released by CBS Sports over the summer due to a contract dispute, I couldn’t help but wonder how a sports broadcaster like Gus struggles to maintain employment, while someone as dull and emotionless as Joe Buck not only holds onto his job with ease, but is somehow assigned the duty of calling some of America’s biggest sporting events, like the Super Bowl and the World Series.

Interestingly enough, the people at FOX decided to take advantage of CBS Sports’ loss by signing Johnson to a contract only a few days after his release in May.  That acquisition means they now have the most boring sports broadcaster in America, as well as the most over-exuberant one.  And while FOX still has the boring Buck calling their biggest NFL games every weekend, they sent Gus Johnson off to Indianapolis this past weekend to call the Big Ten Championship Game between Wisconsin and Michigan State.

Much like we have come to expect from any event where Gus is providing the commentary, the Big Ten Championship turned out to be quite the thrilling game.  Perhaps the most thrilling moment came with just over four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, as Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson completed 38-yard pass on a crucial 4th & 6.

And if that wasn’t already exciting enough, leave it to Gus to make it seem that much more captivating.

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