Tiger Woods Wins! Fan Yells “Mashed Potatoes!” (Video)

tiger woods mashed potatoesTiger Woods winning his first tournament in over two years by making birdies on the final two holes to beat Zach Johnson at the Chevron World Challenge makes plenty of sense to me.  Listening to a fan yell “mashed potatoes” following Tiger’s tee-shot on the final hole of the tournament, on the other hand, doesn’t.

I guess not everything in life has to make sense all of the time.  After all, how else would we explain those strange, inexplicable instances in life, like when Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett calls a timeout to ice his own kicker (which actually happened yesterday)?  So with that being said, let’s all try to sit back and enjoy Tiger’s return to glory and the accompanying call for “mashed potatoes,” that made it all happen.

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