Seahawks Fans Throw Skittles At Marshawn Lynch (Video)

marshawn lynch gets skittlesDuring Marshawn Lynch’s touchdown streak, which reached nine straight games last night, it was revealed that following every score the bruising back prefers to munch on some Skittles.  It was a routine that began when Lynch was younger, as him mother used to feed him the sweet treats every time he reached the end zone.

Now it appears as though the fans are the ones feeding Lynch the Skittles.

With less than three minutes remaining in the game, Lynch put the icing on the cake with a 16-yard touchdown run.  And rather than having to wait till he got back to the bench to get some Skittles, fans seated in the back of the end zone proceeded to throw the hard pieces of candy at Lynch.  Luckily his visor protected him from taking any in the eye.

You can watch the Seahawk fans “feed the beast” in the video below.

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