Watch An Unmanned Golf Cart Run Over People At Cowboys Stadium (Video)

out of control golf cartIt may not be very nice to laugh at a bunch of people who have just been run down by an out-of-control golf cart, but it is awfully hard not to at least let out a little chuckle after watching it happen on the field at Cowboys Stadium following a high school state championship game.

With parents, coaches and others on the field well after the Texas 5A Division II State Championship Finals, an unmanned golf cart took off from one end zone, sped across the field and plowed through a group of people.  Many of them were knocked to the ground, while Spring Dekaney head coach Willie Amendola landed in the cart’s passenger seat and was taken for a ride before rolling out approximately 25 yards later.  A field worker was eventually able to hop into the cart and bring this dangerous ghost-ride to an end.

Medical personnel attended to the injured bystanders on the field, but none of the injuries sustained are believed to be serious.  As for the cause of the vehicle’s unexpected acceleration, nothing has been confirmed at the moment, but in the video below it does appear as though a few orange pylons were positioned near the gas pedal and may have been the cause.

In case you were wondering, Spring Dekaney defeated Cibolo Steele by a score of 34-14, capturing the school’s first state title.  Here is a look at the frightening, yet somewhat funny, post-game incident.

Hat Tip – [Rivals]

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