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The 15 Best Christmas Themed Cheerleader Uniforms In The NFL

by: Esteban On  Friday, December 23, 2011

best nfl cheerleader christmas holiday outfits uniforms costumes

Christmas is right around the corner, and you know what that means: NFL cheerleading squads have busted out the Christmas themed uniforms. And not a moment too soon, because I think we were all getting pretty tired of looking at gorgeous cheerleaders in “everyday” skimpy outfits, weren’t we?

Okay, we weren’t really tired of the regular skimpy outfits. But we do really like the skimpy Christmas ones, too. So today we’re going to try to try to get everyone in the Christmas spirit with a countdown of the 15 best Christmas-themed cheerleader uniforms in the NFL.

We’d have done a countdown of the 20 best Christmas cheerleader uniforms, but not all squads have them. Heck, not all teams have cheerleaders. (Please, if you live in Chicago, Detroit, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, or New York, write your member of Congress.) So we did the best with what we’ve got. I think you’ll like it.


15. San Diego Charger Girls

15 chargers christmas holiday cheerleaders

I have to say, this is a pretty weak effort by the Charger Girls. You can barely tell this is, in fact, a special edition “Holiday Uniform.” Sure, the outfit is velvety and has some poofy trim on the collar, but they could really use to complete the look. I mean, at least they tried, but just barely.

14. New York Jets Flight Crew

14 new york jets Christmas holiday cheerleaders

The New Jersey-based Jets were clearly going for the “1970s hooker” look with these Christmas outfits. But you know what? I think it works. However, I must say the ladies do look a little chilly. Maybe they should have invested a little more cash in some warmer fabric.

13. Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

13 titans cheerleaders christmas  holiday

We all got a good look at the Titans cheerleaders Christmas uniforms last week, thanks to that video of Santa proposing to a cheerleader that went viral. And while I’m not sure how “Christmasy” they really are (outside the hat, of course), they’re pretty damn hot. So they make the cut.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR

I like the sparkly fabric. I like the hat. I like the blue. So, all in all, I’m a fan of the Jaguars cheerleaders’ subtle Christmas uniforms. Then again, it might be what they do in the uniforms that’s so appealing.

11. San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush

11 49ers christmas holidy cheerleaders

The 49ers Gold Rush cheerleading squad prove that you can’t go wrong with a classic look. Especially when that look entails wearing a jacket like a skirt.

That being said, what is the deal with the white knee-high boots? 10 out of the 15 squads on this list have them as part of their Christmas unis. It’s a little boring isn’t it?

10. St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders

10 rams cheerleaders christmas

The St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders show that just because it’s Christmas, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear scandalously skimpy outfits. While I’m sure most red-blooded males approve, they’d better be careful or they could end up on Santa’s naughty list.

9. Denver Broncos Cheerleaders

9 denver broncos cheerleaders christmas

The Christmas uniforms of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders are very similar to those of other squads on this list (like #s 11, 8, and 6). What sets them apart, however, are the white cowboy hats. They’re a nice touch.

8. Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders

8 arizona cardinals christmas holiday

The Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders didn’t try to think outside the box when designing their Christmas uniforms—and it was a smart move. You can’t go wrong with sexy red velvet dresses with plunging necklines. And hey, what do you know…white knee-high boots. (Did the NFL recently buy stock in a company that specializes in making white boots?)

7. Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

7 colts-christmas-holiday-cheerleaders

The Colts Cheerleaders decided to leave the traditional Christmas colors behind, but they kept the velvety fabric, the fuzzy trim, and the Santa hats. It’s a nice compromise between traditional and modern. I particularly like the fact that they went in a different direction than most squads when it came to choosing footwear—it makes them stand out. Also, they show a little skin, but not so much that they make you feel dirty just by watching them. That’s called balance.

6. Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

6 redskins_cheerleaders christmas holiday

The Redskins Cheerleaders have the best of the traditional red-and-white Santa suit uniforms. So what makes them better than the others? Honestly, I don’t know.

Well, okay, maybe they’re a little tighter. And that Redskins belt buckle is pretty cool.

5. Oakland Raiderettes

5 raiders christmas holiday cheerleaders

I would have been skeptical if someone pitched me an idea for a black Christmas cheerleading uniform. I mean, black for Christmas? Come on, no way.

But I would have been wrong. The Raiderettes really hit a home run with these cute and subtly sexy uniforms.

4. Seattle Sea Gals

4 sea gals christmas holiday outfits

Coming in at #4 is yet another squad that thought outside the box in designing their Christmas uniforms. The Seattle Sea Gals went with short navy blue dresses with white fuzzy trim and the obligatory white boots. Since the uniforms were obviously inspired by the famous Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, the squad was wise to perform a Rockettes-style dance number.

3. Houston Texans Cheerleaders

3 texans cheerleaders christmas outfits

You know who loves sexy Mrs. Clause bikinis? Everyone. And the Texans Cheerleaders know it.

2. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

2 cowboys-cheerleaders christmas holiday

You knew the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders would come up with super hot Christmas uniforms, didn’t you? They aren’t the world’s most famous cheerleading squad for nothing. My only complaint would be that the cowgirl boots don’t really seem to go with the rest of the outfit, which isn’t very cowgirly. But really, who cares?

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders

1 tampa bay buccaneers cheerleaders christmas outfits

The #1 Christmas-themed cheerleading uniform in the NFL belongs to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Why? Because crop tops, short skirts, and black knee-high boots are always a winning combination. Could they use some festive headgear? Yeah, maybe. But let’s not nitpick.