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by: JamieD On  Monday, January 9, 2012
Tags:  24 7   Bryzgalov   Flyers   HBO   Husky   Ilya  

ilya bryzgalov hbo 24-7 huskySomething tells me that this may soon turn into a weekly segment titled, “What Kind of Crazy Thing Did Ilya Bryzgalov Say This Week?”

During the first episode of HBO’s 24/7 Flyers/Rangers: Road to the NHL Winter Classic, Flyers goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov enlighten us all about the universe, Russian alcohol, tigers and Chinese laws.  This time around he is comparing his white Siberian Husky to a beautiful blond woman.  I guess he likes his women furry and on all fours.  I’d hate to hear what types of things he does with his pet when they are alone.

Bryzgalov was already having a difficult time getting someone to sit at the same table as him during team meals following his words of wisdom from the series’ first episode.  Something tells me that the Flyers goaltender could be eating lunch in his very own room by the time episode three airs next week.

Here is a look at Bryzgalov being teased by his teammates and explaining the similarities between his husky and a gorgeous blond woman.