Jeremy Evans Gives Us The Best Dunk From The NBA Pre-Season (Video)

jeremy evans dunkIf I asked you to guess who would throw down the sickest dunk of the 2011 NBA preseason, chances are you would probably go with someone along the lines of LeBron James or Blake Griffin.  One name you probably wouldn’t think about throwing out there is Jeremy Evans.  After all, prior to this post you probably didn’t even know who Jeremy Evans was.

Well we are here to tell you that Jeremy Evans is a 6’9″ second-year power forward out of Western Kentucky, who is currently playing with the Utah Jazz.  We are also here to tell you that he, and not James or Griffin, has provided us with the best dunk of the 2011 NBA preseason.

It came during last night’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, as Evans posterized Gerald Wallace in dramatic fashion.  Unfortunately for him, it was all for not as he was called for the offensive foul.  But that won’t stop us from placing it at the top of our preseason dunk charts.

Check it out.

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