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by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, December 27, 2011
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Lionel Messi is arguably the best player of all time in football. Such is his quality that every time he plays the game, goals galore is usually the case.  While Barcelona does tend to be quite the high-scoring team, many of their goals come off the boot of Messi, and many of those goals have been absolutely memorizing. With that being said, Total Pro Sports takes a look at the top 10 best Messi goals of 2011.

#10 - Vs Racing Santander

Firstly executing a fine bit of skill to take it past the remaining defenders, Messi takes it past the keeper with his right foot following a turn with his left and then finishing off with his right.

#9 - Vs Zaragoza

Getting the ball from a Cesc Fabregas pass, Messi doesn’t decide to shoot in a great position but rather go past the incoming defender and then quickly converting a goal with a clean and directed shot.

#8 - BATE Borisov

Messi’s implementation of power on the ball is quite astonishing at times; in this goal, the player, from just inside the box, smashes a beauty into the top left hand corner of the net.

#7 - Vs Santos

During the FIFA Club World Cup, Lionel Messi showcased his superb skill and vision once again, taking the ball down, taking an addition touch to control it and then executing a delicate chip.

#6 - Vs Villarreal

Messi’s dominance in goals has witnessed a fair share of fooling and/or being too good for the keeper to handle where, in this case, he passes the outstretched arms of Villarreal’s goalkeeper to subsequently finish off with a neat strike into an open goal.

#5 - Vs Real Madrid

For his umpteenth goal against Barcelona’s arch rivals Real Madrid, Adriano crosses the ball into the box where Messi lurked and converted the ball into a great goal with a powered shot past Casillas.

#4 - Vs Real Madrid

Retrieving the ball from a clever back-heel from Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, Messi holds off the pressure from Cristiano Ronaldo before finishing with a chip that Iker Casillas couldn’t get a hand on.

#3 - Vs Porto

Lionel Messi really knows how to round keepers with his skill and speed to which he applied to his goal against Porto. The Barcelona star rounds the keeper and keeps himself composed long enough to perfect the timing of the shot.

#2 - Vs Real Madrid

Holding off the perseverance of Sami Khedira, Messi’s movement is too quick for Real Madrid defender Pepe to handle, as he falls to the ground, letting Messi in on goal.  And just as we have come to expect, he would finish it off in a composed manner.

#1 - Vs Real Madrid

During the Champions League first leg with Real Madrid at the latter club’s home territory, Lionel Messi scores one of the greatest solo goals in the competition’s history with a run that starts off near the half way line, and finishes with Messi holding and dodging opposing players before slotting the ball past Iker Casillas with a directed finish.