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by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, December 27, 2011
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Nani, otherwise known as Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha (hence his shorter name), had been under the shadow of Cristiano Ronaldo when he was at Manchester United. After his transfer to Real Madrid, though, Nani had a chance to prove his worth and flourish. Granted, he was already doing exactly that when Ronaldo was around but just couldn’t break into the team and keep a consistent place. In recent seasons, especially the start of the current season and the 2010/2011 season Nani has showcased his talents and versatility. Total Pro Sports takes a look at the top 10 best Nani goals.

#10 - Vs Manchester City

Getting the ball from a cross by consequently using his chest to control it, Nani scores a clever and well-hit goal with a cool strike past Manchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart.

#9 - Vs Tottenham

Taking the ball further from his teammate, Nani finishes off the move with a delightful dink past Tottenham keeper Heurelho Gomes.

#8 - Vs West Ham

Getting the ball from around 25 yards, Nani moves along with several West Ham players, goes into the box and fools them further by progressing a bit further and then side-footing a clean finish into the goal.

#7 - Vs Arsenal

Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick executes a clever cross that falls into the path of Nani who, once touching it down with one foot, finishes with a clean strike with his other.

#6 - Vs Liverpool

Receiving a cleverly executed pass from a Manchester United teammate, Nani touches the ball past two incoming Liverpool players and then unleashes an unstoppable shot from just on the edge of the box into the goal.

#5 - Vs Bayern Munich

During Manchester United’s Champions League encounter with Bayern Munich, Valencia holds the ball for a few seconds, which gives him enough time to cross the ball in sync with Nani’s movement, as the final cross was met with a back-heeled goal which was perfected by the winger.

#4 - Vs Manchester City

Team work was the key here and it was performed brilliantly; initially passing the ball to Wayne Rooney who flicked it to Tom Cleverly who then passed it into the way of Nani who finally performed a delicate dink that earned Manchester United’s second goal against their Community Shield match opponent Manchester City.

# 3 - Vs Chelsea

Nani’s goals against the bigger teams almost always deliver quality, and the same is certainly true of this goal against Chelsea. Retrieving the ball from a Darren Fletcher cross, Nani runs a few yards outside the box and strikes a perfectly directed ball – that was also hit with furious power – into the far corner of the goal, leaving Peter Cech with no chance.

#2 - Vs Tottenham

Nani’s first ever goal was a stunner and he mirrored the similar quality for most of the goals he’s scored in his Manchester United career following his initial goal against Tottenham; with the game locked at 0-0, Nani shoots from around 30+ yards out with enough power and direction that causes the ball to float all the way into the top left hand corner of the net.

#1 - Vs Middlesbrough

In his goal against Middlesbrough during the Premier League a few seasons ago, Nani avoids a challenge by an opposing player, dodges another player by changing direction to the right, goes a bit further and launches a rocket into the right hand corner of the goal. The commentator’s words help summarize what most were thinking upon the viewing of this goal.