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by: Howard Cosmell On  Thursday, January 12, 2012
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I’ll make this brief so we can get to the women. 2012 brings us the London Summer Olympics, a quadrennial event that introduces us to the next crop of talent across myriad disciplines. Also, the law of large numbers dictates that much of this talent will also be blessed in the looks department. You can’t follow all the athletes you’d like to, so we’re here to help you do some triage on the best and brightest. And hottest.

12. Alicia Sacramone

Gymnasts’ glory pretty much comes once every four years, so come London next summer, they’ll all have something to prove. Despite the fact that Alicia has the chops, she has been having Achilles problems, so her ability to compete will be a photo finish. One thing’s for certain, though. The team’s a lot better with her than without her.

11. Caroline Wozniacki

It’s lonely at the top. While Caroline is likable for a number of reasons, the fact remains that she’s the queen of women’s tennis right now, and there are no shortage of contenders chomping at the bit to knock her off. Can she reign supreme, or will she slip? Let’s find out in 2012.

10. Hope Solo

We haven’t seen what she’s made of since she danced with (as?) a star, so expect a nation to be fixated on that famous female athlete with the catchy name. The US Women are normally the team to beat in soccer, so let’s see if she can lead the team to victory come summer in London.

9. Lexi Thompson

How young is Lexi Thompson? Well, she was born in 1995. She qualified to play in the U.S. Open when she was 12. What were you doing that was so great at 12? You were probably still in diapers. It’s a safe guess that she’s still a decade away from her prime, so we’ll see what the future brings, but things are looking good for Lexi.

8. Kelly Sotherton

This track and field stunner has overcome enough adversity for a whole team, which should make her story all the more compelling when she takes to competition in London next year. An all-around great athlete, her event of choice is the heptathlon. Britain has an embarrassment of riches in that event this year, as you will see with our next entry.

7. Jessica Ennis

In order for Kelly Sotherton to get the gold in London, she’ll have to cruise by her heavily-favored teammate, the #1 rated heptathlete Jessica Ennis. Should make for a compelling storyline next summer, and it should also serve as a pretty aesthetically pleasing standoff, as well.

6. Leryn Franco

You can now update the number of Paraguayan javelin throwers you’re familiar with to “1.” This 29 year-old fox looks like a cross between Kim K. and Milas Kunis. Adding to her sex appeal is the fact that she can throw a giant dart really, really far.

5. Logan Tom

Considering 2012 is an Olympics year, it’s pretty safe to say that this list could be populated solely by hot beach volleyball players. That would be pretty boring, but probably no less sexy. In honor of the United States beach volleyball reps, let’s lay the crown on Logan Tom, who may not have achieved the success of Misty And Kerri, but she’s hanging right with them in the looks department.

4. Josefine Oqvist

Lord. What do you really need to know about this girl? Just look at the picture. She’s Swedish (duh) and she stands out as one of the country’s elite soccer players. Historically, she has garnered several red cards for her outbursts, which only turns me on further. Related news: I’m moving to Sweden.

3. Stephanie Rice

It took me a second to realize this wasn’t the woman who wrote Twilight. And it’s a good thing, because swimmers have much better bodies than writers. Trust me. I’m a writer. She’s a 23 year-old Australian swimmer, which means she can probably drink you under the table without even getting a hangover the next day. She scored three golds in Beijing, so expect her to make a ruckus in London.

2. Melanie Adams

Is Melanie Adams going to be the indvidual that really puts Australia on the pole vaulting map in 2012? Who cares. She’ll be in London, flying over our heads. It would be rude if we DIDN’T look up to admire her accomplishments.

1. Sophie Horn

When did Britain get so many hot athletes? Did they recently colonize San Diego or something? She’s an aspiring golfer, which means that she hasn’t achieved much thus far, and could very well fall flat, but damned if we’re not going to pay attention to her in the interim.