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15 NBA WAGs Hotter Than Savannah Brinson

by: Howard Cosmell On  Wednesday, January 4, 2012
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LeBron James announced a few days ago that he’s getting hitched to his longtime-girlfriend, Savannah Brinson. BronBron is far from my favorite NBA player on the court, but whatever, best of luck to them and congrats. NBA wives and girlfriends, despite the popular reality show, don’t get much attention lavished on them. That stops now. Savannah Brinson is one fine-looking lady, but I think there are a handful of women with NBA ties that can outshine her. Take a look at these 15 and see if you think that they’re superior to Brinson in the looks department or if you think I’m smoking crack.

I’m not actually smoking crack, by the way.

15. Whitney Wonnacott

Jimmer Fredette’s got this? Really? A guy named “Jimmer” is engaged to this one? Man. I need to work on my jump shot so that I can score a college sweetheart like this. And a time machine for that matter. Kings fans can now, thankfully, take their attention off the court.

14. Christine Vest

Dwight Howard’s apparently got game in two different areas, having locked down this beauty who excels at basketball, guitar, and gospel singing. Is this more impressive than his Superman dunk at the All-Star game a few years ago? Maybe.

13.Ayesha Alexander

Stephen Curry has had a charmed transition to the NBA since turning Davidson into a Cinderella story years back. He’s emerged as a strong guard in the NBA and now has this girl wearing his chain. He recently married her, too. Now if he could just get out of Golden State.

12. Jessica Olsson

It stands to reason that Dirk would go after a girl with a Nordic name. Dirk struck out with his last GF, who proved to be a conniving scam artist, but according to those who know her, Jessica not only has class and charm (she’s incredibly well-spoken on camera), but has a great sports pedigree herself as the sister to Swedish soccer players Martin and Marcus.

11. Khloe Kardashian

She’s pretty hot. More so than people give her credit for. Standing next to Kim in half your pictures is bound to make you look less hot than you actually are. Big ups to Lamar Odom for realizing it.

10. Zuleyka Rivera

After watching J.J. Barea over perform in last year’s playoffs, it should be no surprise that Barea also managed to over perform in the GF department, snagging Ms. Puerto Rico, Zuleyka Rivera. I hope she will be able to make the transition from Dallas heat to Minnesota cold following Barea’s free agency.

9.Ameilia Vega

Al Horford apparently does better with the ladies than he can do with a ball, having snagged this ex- Miss Universe. Wow. She actually won a contest that officially made her not only the hottest girl on the planet, but the entire universe. That’s pretty damn impressive.

8. DaLivia

Finally, we get an NBA hottie with one name. And she belongs to John Wall. She’s a model, which is sort of like divulging that the sky is blue. Apparently, John Wall’s dating IQ is as high as his basketball IQ.

7. Ashley Logan

Before dating DeJuan Blair, Logan was a “video vixen” which is probably a nice way of saying that she slept with a TON of rappers. No matter. She’s DeJuan Blair’s girl now. Maybe he’ll start freestyling really well, proving my theory that rapping skill can be sexually transmitted.

6. Brittany Richardson

Steve Nash may not have the looks of a Rick Fox, so he must be able to make assists with quick hands off the court as well. After a not-widely-publicized relationship with Elizabeth Hurley and one with Nelly Furtado, he’s now on board with this 23 year-old. He’s my overachieving-girlfriend MVP.

5. Eva Longoria

Tony Parker’s loss is apparently Matt Barnes’ gain, as the desperate housewife has found herself in the arms of the Lakers forward after allegations that Parker was unfaithful to her. He gets what he deserves for mistreating THAT.

4. Maria Sharapova

How does a ball player as bad as Sasha Vujacic score a GF, scratch that…FIANCEE, as hot and talented as Maria Sharapova? My theory is that Sasha Vujacic is the Enrique Iglesias of the NBA, which would make Brian Scalabrine Pit Bull.

3. La La Vasquez

With a name like that, she sounds like she would be a cautionary tale during NBA rookie orientation, but she’s been on the arm of Carmelo Anthony for years now, suggesting that she’s on good behavior. Good for her. And for him.

2. Gabrielle Union

Perhaps the most high-profile WAG in the game of basketball, Gabrielle Union is on the arm of Dwyane Wade, and has been for a couple years now. She’s got an acting career of her own that has garnered her some success and notoriety, but nothing will make you a cover girl faster than dating an athlete in Miami.

1. Sabrina Maserati

She gets the top spot for three reasons. Her smokin’ hot looks, her stripper-riffic name, and the fact that she’s dating a guy on the verge of super-duper stardom, perennial dunk badass Blake Griffin.