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15 Funniest Shake Weight GIFs

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, January 24, 2012

shake weight GIFs

The Shake Weight is clearly the greatest fitness gadget since the Thigh Master. And not only is it an effective training tool (UFC fighter Rashad Evans uses it); it’s also a pretty damn sexy fitness fad. I mean, as soon as you see the infomercial, you think “no way, this can’t be real.” But, oh, it is very real. They really are trying to sell a fitness product that makes it look like you are masturbating when you use it.

Only in America, right? (Well, maybe in Canada, too.)

Today, to celebrate the world’s #1 piece of erotic workout equipment, Total Pro Sports brings you a list of 15 hilarious Shake Weight GIFs. They are guaranteed to brighten your day.

15. Shake, shake, shake, and...aaaaah, yeah that's nice

We start off with a GIF from the original (classic) Shake Weight infomercial. As you can clearly see, the Shake Weight is guaranteed to provide a VERY satisfying workout. I mean, just look at the look on this guy’s face as he finishes his furious pumping—that is pure ecstasy.

14. That girl from The Big Bang Theory

For some reason, Ellen Degeneres has a strange fascination with the shake weight. (I guess she likes to see what she’s missing out on.) One day the actress who plays Penny on The Big Bang Theory (Kaley Cuoco) stopped by the Ellen Show to have a chat, and they handed her a Shake Weight. As you an see, the result was fantastic.

13. Gross little dude double-fists it

Not exactly sure what is going on here. It looks like the hairy little guy might be sexually harassing somebody.

But then, that’s the beauty of the Shake Weight. You don’t need to understand it to find it hilarious.

12. Group Shake Weight session

Shaking your weight all by yourself can get lonely. But there’s good news! You can also do it with friends! Just invite a couple of guys over to your place, and you can all sit around using your shake weights together. It’ll be just like old times.

11. Why so surprised?

So what do you think is going on here? Is this woman trying to be dirty? Or is this an example of a GIF capturing and otherwise innocent moment and making it into something it’s not? You be the judge.

10. Charles Barkley gives it a shake

When you tune into TNT’s coverage of the NBA, you expect to see basketball. You do NOT expect to see Charles Barkley jacking a Shake Weight.

Come on, TNT. Not cool. (Though it makes for a funny GIF.)

9. Really excited dude tries the backhanded shake

It’s always exciting when you discover a new way to shake your weight, because it’s good to mix things up from time to time. But, personally, I think this guy is just a little too excited if you know what I mean. (And I think you do.)

8. Raising Hope weight shakin

It’s not just talk shows and sports programs that are getting in on the Shake Weight fun.

Here we have a GIF from the Fox sitcom Raising Hope. It features the show’s main character, Jimmy, trying out the Shake Weight with his grocery store boss. (Jimmy is the angry shaker. His boss is the happy shaker. FYI.) Gross, yet also hilarious.

7. Uh oh, wait a minute...

For some reason, a lot of news programs have had reporters and news anchors try out the Shake Weight live on the air, and results are almost always hilarious.

This particular GIF is notable because it captures the exact moment that this lovely woman realizes what she is doing.

6. Jimmy Fallon audience tries the SW

Jimmy Fallon has had a lot of fun with the Shake Weight on his show (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon). In one instance he gave everyone in the audience a Shake Weight and told them to have at it. The wonderful results are forever immortalized in this GIF.

5. Emma Stone shakes it real good

Here’s another one from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. This time he has guest Emma Stone give the Shake Weight a spin.

As you can see, she is more than amused. And understandably so.

4. Classic SNL Shake Weight parody

It’s not really hard to parody the Shake Weight infomercial. All you have to do is replicate the thing shot for shot, but just have your actors be ever-so-slightly erotic. Of course, you could also go full-on nasty like Saturday Night Live’s Kristin Wiig. She practically turns the totally innocent Shake Weight infomercial into a fetish video.

3. News anchor rocks the Shake Weight

Dude, maybe your co-anchor doesn’t have anything interesting to say. But it’s rude to jack your Shake Weight while she’s talking.

2. Good God

You didn’t need to see this. But you did.

You’re welcome.

1. Unnecessary censorship

Someone took a page out of Jimmy Kimmel’s playbook and performed a little unnecessary pixelation on the original Shake Weight infomercial that kicked off our list. And obviously, the result is absolutely, horrifically hilarious.