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9 Extremely Charitable Sports Wives

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, January 11, 2012

charitable sports wives

When people talk about the wives and girlfriends of pro athletes, it usually has something to do with how hot they are. And we here at Total Pro Sports have certainly been known to put out a list of hot WAGs (or even hot ex-WAGs) from time to time. But we shouldn’t focus solely on the attractiveness of player wives, because the reality is these women often do a lot of amazing work to make the communities they live in better. So today we thought we’d bring you a list of 9 incredibly charitable player wives.

Interestingly, it is so common for the wives of pro athletes to work tirelessly on behalf of charities that it proved impossible to come up with a difinitive list of the “most” charitable. So instead we just put together a list of women whose charitable activites stood out to us. By all means, if you know of other examples of player wives doing amazing charity work, let us here it. The more publicity these people get for their endeavors, the better.

9. Abby Manning

A couple of years ago, Peyton Manning’s little brother Eli announced that he and his wife were spearheading an initiative to raise $10 million to build a new state of the art birthing center at New York’s St. Vincent Hospital. And since Eli is going to be busy playing football most of the time, you know what that means: it’s his wife Abby who is doing all the leg work.

So nice work, Abby Manning. Running a $10 million donor campaign is no small task.

8. Debbie Clemens

The Clemens family has had its share of problems in recent years. I mean, there’s the ongoing performance-enhancing drugs investigation, Roger’s perjury indictment, and the accusations that he had an affair with country music singer Mindy McCreedy. Also, the guy has always had a reputation of being kind of a prick.

So you might be inclined to judge Roger’s wife negatively based on her association with him. But you have to give credit where credit is do, and Debbie has done a lot of good work over the years through the Roger Clemens Foundation, which the couple founded back in 1992. They hold golf tournaments, auctions, and other events that raise money for various children’s charities (like the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of America).

7. Kelly Backes

kelly backes

Kelly is the wife of St. Louis Blues Captain David Backes. She and her hockey-playing hubby have parallel his-and-hers charities called Kelly’s Kats and David’s Dogs. These organizations work to get needy stray pets placed in loving homes, as well as raise money for various shelters and awareness for animal awareness campaigns.

6. Pattie Petty

pattie petty

Ever since the tragic death of her son Adam in 2000, Kyle Petty’s wife Pattie has kept herself busy trying to improve the lives of others. Her most notable work has been through Victory Junction, organization that runs summer camps for children chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses. If more people used personal tragedies to inspire good works like Pattie, the world would be a better place.

5. Brittany Brees

brittany bress

In 2003, Drew and Brittany Brees started the Brees Dream Foundation, whose goal is to advance research in children’s cancers and provide care and opportunities for needy children. And while Drew is the one earning the big bucks they couple pumps into their charitable efforts, it’s Brittany who organizes the families efforts. In 2007, the foundation teamed up with Operation Kids to help rebuild New Orleans where it matters most to children, and Brittany personally spearheaded the “Expect More” pledge, a campaign in which children vow to hold the grown-ups in their lives accountable for making life in New Orleans better.

4. Deanna Favre

deanna favre

Deanna Favre certainly seems like one hell of a strong woman. She put up with Brett’s drinking problem and his addition to Vicodin earlier in his career, and more recently she’s had to suffer through penis-gate.

But through it all, the woman has worked tirelessly for a variety of charity efforts. First, she ran the Brett Favre Fourward Foundation. Then she started her own foundation—the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation—which promotes breast cancer education and women’s breast imaging and diagnosis services, especially in underserved communities.

Not bad, right?

3. Chanita Foster


Chanita is married to (currently, former) NFL offensive lineman George Foster (Broncos, Lions, Browns). Her primary charitable focus is raising money for the African nation of Swaziland through her foundation, Beyond the Game. Currently, the foundation is raising money to build a school and establish a “care point” (where people can pick up food and supplies).

2. Brenda Warner

brenda warner warner's warm up

Brender and her retired QB husbnad Kurt Warner seem to be involved about a hundred different charities. But one of the coolest things they do—well, actually, it’s one of the warmest—is organize an annual coat collection in St. Louis. But wait, you say. Kurt Warner hasn’t played in St. Louis for a decade now. They don’t still run “Warner’s Warm Up,” do they?

Yep, they do. Even though they don’t live in St. Louis anymore, they’ve maintained all their charities there. So every year, there is Brenda Warner, collecting coats to give to the needy. It may not be millions of dollars, but it has got to be one of the most directly effective charitable activites on this list.

1. Giselle Bundchen


No, Tom Brady’s supermodel wife does not make #1 on our list simply because she is gorgeous. That is just a nice bonus.

The reality is that, in 2011, Mrs. Brady was extremely generous. She donated $1.5 million of her own money to the Red Cross for relief efforts after the earth quake in Haiti.

Good work, Giselle.