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Terrell Suggs Calls Skip Bayless A “Douchebag” (Video)

by: JamieD On  Tuesday, January 24, 2012

suggs calls bayless a douchebagSkip Bayless would probably refer to himself as a “sports analyst.”  However, most others would probably refer to the host of ESPN’s First Take as a “Douchebag.”  Terrell Suggs did just that during his appearance on the show on Monday.

Following Billy Cundiff’s missed field-goal with only 15 seconds remaining in their AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots, many of us were wondering how the likes of Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Suggs felt about the disappointing conclusion to the Ravens’ season.

Bayless had the opportunity to discuss this with the latter, and this is how it went.

For those wondering, the incident that Bayless and Suggs were discussing occurred during the Ravens’ final set of downs at the conclusion of Sunday’s game.

After Anquan Boldin’s catch on 1st-&-10 deep in the Patriots’ zone, he fumbled the ball passed the first-down marker and out-of-bounds, but the ball can not be advanced by an offensive fumble out of bounds.  As a result, the ball was spotted short of the first down, bringing up second down.  However, the scoreboard in Gillette Stadium gave the Ravens the first down.  This appeared to cause some confusion for kicker Billy Cundiff, who uses the stadium scoreboard to help him keep track of when he is supposed to make his way onto the field.  Because the stadium scoreboard read”3rd down” when it was actually fourth down, Cundiff was late getting onto the field and was forced to rush his kick with the play clock winding down.

He would go on to miss the 32-yard game-tying chip shot, the Ravens would lose the game, Skip Bayless is still a douchebag, and the rest is history.