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by: AnthonyP On  Friday, February 3, 2012
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Alexis Sanchez cost a lot for Barcelona to acquire his services: exactly £27 million, excluding further add-ons and such. It was a gamble for the Catalonian club but it’s paid off with the winger – who can also operate as a general forward – proving his quality with an unprecedented level of speed and, more importantly, worthy goals. Total Pro Sports has compiled a list of the top 10 best Alexis Sanchez goals.


Taking the ball away from the incoming player at the edge of the box, Sanchez alludes the same player again by kicking it over his head, which is then flicked on by a team mate onto another team mate who then puts into Sanchez’s path; finally, the winger finishes off a brilliant team effort via a composed finish into the goal.


In a match against La Liga side Rayo Vallecano, Alexis Sanchez receives the ball from a magnificent touch from Xavi which proved to be an assist when the winger turned up the pace to chest the ball down and poke into the net.


Taking the ball into his stride from beyond the half way line on the pitch, Sanchez progresses with his trademark bursting pace, executes step-overs which makes the defender slip and allow Sanchez to continue; he then runs past the keeper and slots with a composed shot.


Whilst playing for Udinese, Alexis Sanchez touched the ball down from a cross and then converted notably with a cross-goal effort that the keeper didn’t see coming.


Brilliantly taking the ball down from a cross, Sanchez diverts pass an opposing player and then shoots a directed shot into the bottom right hand corner of the net.


Alexis Sanchez’s La Liga encounter with Real Madrid at Santiago Bernabeu saw the player contributing a vital goal against Barcelona’s arch rivals and what a goal it was. Retrieving the ball from Lionel Messi, Sanchez slotted a side-footed shot that proved too much for Iker Casillas.


Following a Lionel Messi pass into the box, Alexis Sanchez applies a deaf touch enough to fool the opposing player and then release a magnificent ball high enough to bounce off the bar and into the goal.


Alexis Sanchez’s goal against Vallecano was certainly one to remember. He firstly fakes a shot and then shoots the ball with enough curl to hit the post and consequently go into the back of the net.


During his time at previous club Udinese, Sanchez developed greatly as a player and arguably his best goal to date is the one he performed against Palermo. The player’s pace proved to be a massive attribute once again when he sprinted with the ball against goal, carried out several step-overs to allude the keeper, and then slotted home.


You won’t see a better goal than this from, frankly, any footballer. The quality Sanchez executed with this goal in his previous club was one to remember; holding off pressure from an opposing player, Sanchez unleashes an unstoppable shot into top left hand corner of the net from at least 25 yards.