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by: AnthonyP On  Friday, February 3, 2012
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Cesc Fabregas became Arsenal‘s youngest captain by manager Arsene Wenger and although he may have not been equipped to be a leader at his young age, the midfielder became one of the hottest prospects in Europe following his debut in his teenage years. The player has since moved to Barcelona in a £30 million + deal and is still scoring goals. Total Pro Sports takes a look at the top 10 best Cesc Fabregas goals.


In a goal against Slavia Prague, Cesc Fabregas took the ball into his stride on the left hand side of the edge of the box and curled in a beauty into the right hand corner of the net.


During a match against Rosenborg, Cesc Fabregas showcased his talent at an early stage of his Arsenal career when he delicately flicked the ball past an oncoming defender, then controlled it via his chest and then curled in a shot into the left corner of the net.


In a match in the Champions League at the San Siro against AC Milan, the midfielder took the ball away from an opposing player and shot from around 35 yards which bounced in front of the keeper and into the back of the net.


In what turned out to be a fine individual effort from Cesc Fabregas, the player bounced the ball off a Bolton defender in the box, went further down the box and then shot brilliantly through the keeper’s legs.


Arsenal’s young midfielder proved his goal-scoring ability once again against Everton when ran from beyond the half-way line with the ball to which he then shot a directed effort from 20 yards.


Cesc Fabregas isn’t known for his pace but on this occasion the midfielder’s run proved to be a match winner against Aston Villa when he converted Theo Wallcot’s pass into a well-taken goal.


When Arsenal played Manchester City, Cesc Fabregas scored a hugely memorable goal when he controlled the ball and then converted with a brilliantly directed shot into the back of the net.


Cesc Fabregas’ goal against Blackburn Rovers was certainly one to remember due to the way he scored; putting the ball down to bounce via his chest, the midfielder finished it off with a brilliant curling effort into the top left hand corner of the net.


Cesc Fabregas’ free-kick were a sight to prosper when they did pay off: goals from a dead ball position was one of the midfielder’s trademark aspects and against Aston Villa he scored a brilliant curling free-kick.


It’s unfortunate that arguably one of the most underrated goals in the history of the Premier League is one of, if not the best Cesc Fabregas goal the player has scored. Following a goal from Robin Van Persie, the midfielder intercepts the ball from Tottenham upon their kick-off, runs past two players and evading a tackle in the process, to which another tackle is further avoided, takes another touch and curls in a shot into the back of the net.