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20 Awesome Athlete-Celebrity Look-Alikes

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, March 28, 2012

athlete-celebrity look-alikes

It’s funny how athletes always want to hang out with celebrities, and celebrities always want to hang out with athletes. There’s a weird kind of synergy between the two sets of super wealthy people—each seems to understand the other, and yet each also wants to be like the other. Meanwhile, the rest of us would have thought they’d all just be content to be super wealthy. But what do we know, right?

Anyway, while it’s extremely difficult for a pro athlete to cross over and become a hollywood celebrity, some of them at least look like celebrities. And if the athlete is not particularly well-known—like Roberto Luongo in Alabama—it might be pretty cool to walk into a Waffle House and be mistaken for a famous actor. (Though, to take the example I just gave, I’m not sure you would want to be mistaken for Sacha Baron Cohen in Alabama…not after Borat.)

Here are 20 pairs of athlete-celebrity look-alikes. In some cases, the comparisons are flattering for either the athlete or the celebrity, or both. In other cases…not so much. But what can you do? It’s nature.

20. Josh Phelps & John Krasinski

john krasinski josh phelps celeb athlete look alikes

Coming in at #20 is everyone’s favorite doobie-smokin 14-time Olympic gold-medalist, Michael Phelps, and our first entry from NBC’s The Office, John Krasinski.

19. Andy Roddick & Seann William Scott

andy roddick sean william scott celeb athlete look alikes

It’s not just their face that are similar, but their careers, too. Both are typecast—Seann William Scott as Stiffler, Roddick as the perennial second-place finisher.

18. Rick Pitino & Al Pacino

rick pitino al pacino celeb athlete look alikes

Their faces are look-alikes, and their names are sound-alikes. Awesome.

17. Dan Marino & David Hasselhoff

david hasselhoff dan marino celeb athlete look alikes

If Dan Marino would only have his smile surgically enhanced and show a little more chest hair, he’d be the spitting image of David Hasselhoff.

16. Rafael Nadal & Josh Hartnett

josh hartnett rafael nadal celeb athlete look alikes

These guys only look alike when they make this weird smile, and when Hartnett squints. But hey, that counts.

15. Mike Holmgren & Wilford Brimley

mike holmgren wilford brimley celeb athlete look alikes

When Wilford Brimley finally gets too old to do those diabetes commercials, former NFL coach Mike Holmgren can cash in. (I don’t think the old folks watching at home would even notice the difference.)

14. Rick Carlisle & Jim Carrey

rick carlisle jim carrey athlete celeb look alikes

Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle may have won an NBA championship last year, but I bet his real goal in life is to make people laugh like Jim Carrey.

13. Aaron Rodgers & BJ Novak

bj novak aaron rogers celeb athlete look alikes

At #13 we have the second appearance from a cast member (and writer and co-executive producer) of The Office. This time it’s BJ Novak, who looks an awful lot like NFL MPV Aardon Rodgers.

Cool trivia: Novak and John Krasinski, cast members on the same TV show, are from the same class at the same high school in Newton, Massachusetts.

12. Mike Krzyzewski & Christopher Meloni

mike krzyzewski coach k christopher meloni law order svu celeb athlete look alikes

Mike Krzyzwzvewezyrs…uh, Coach K, I mean, looks like an older version of Law & Order: SVU‘s Christopher Meloni.

11. Phil Mickelson & Hugh Grant

phil mickelson hugh grant celeb athlete look alikes

This one was kind of tough, because Phil Mickelson looks like Hugh Grant, but also like a young Martin Sheen—despite the fact that young Martin Sheen and Hugh Grant don’t really look much alike. Weird how that works, isn’t it?

10. Mike Tomlin & Omar Epps

mike tomlin omar epps celeb athlete look alikes

Question: would Steelers coach Mike Tomlin look like Omar Epps without the similar facial hair?

9. Kyle Korver & James Marsden

kyle korver james marsden celeb athlete look alikes

Coming in at #9 are two guys who aren’t exactly household names, but who bear an uncanny resemblance to one another: the Chicago Bulls’ Kyle Korver and Mr. Cyclopse (and currently Liz Lemon’s boyfriend on 30 Rock), James Marsden.

8. Pete Sampras & Adrian Grenier

pete sampras adrian grenier celeb athlete look alikes

Now that Pistol Pete has lost the majority of those curly black locks, the resemblance between these two isn’t as strong. But at least now Adrian Grenier knows what he can look forward to.

7. Cal Ripken Jr. & Steve Wilkos

cal ripkin jr steve wilkos jerry springer security celeb athlete look alikes

Ah, the Ironman of Baseball and the Ironman of The Jerry Springer Show…and this isn’t even the weirdest match on the list.

6. Roberto Luongo & Sacha Baron Cohen

roberto luongo sacha baron cohen celeb athlete look alikes

The Canucks goalie and Borat both have long faces and dark, thick facial hair. The only difference is that one is Italian, the other Jewish. Oh, and the hockey and the acting.

5. Sidney Crosby & Andy Samberg

andy samberg sidney crosby athlete celeb look alikes

With Sidney Crosby and Andy Samberg, you’ve got two pasty guys with zero ability to grow facial hair. That’s pretty much all you need for look-alikes.

4. Jeff Van Gundy & Vincent Schiavelli

jeff van gundy vincent schiavelli (Ghost) celeb athlete look alikes

Unfortunately for this former coach of the Knicks and Rockets, the celebrity he most resembles is Vincent Schiavelli, a guy who is best known for being extremely weird-looking. You may remember Schiavelli as the angry subway ghost from the aptly named film, Ghost. Now, sadly, he is dead. (Schiavelli, not Jeff Van Gundy. He’s totally fine.)

3. Roger Federer & Quentin Tarantino

quentin tarantino roger federer celeb athlete look alikes

You know it’s bad when you (Quentin Tarantino) only look like a superstar athlete (Roger Federer) when the superstar athlete scrunches up his face in anguish.

2. Alexander Ovechkin & Richard Kiel

alex ovechkin richard kiel athlete celeb look alilkes

Rather strangely, Richard Kiel is best-known for two roles in two very different films. He was a Bond Villain named “Jaws” in The Spy Who Loved Me, and he was the creepy “Mr. Larson” in the goofy Adam Sandler golf flick Happy Gilmore.

And now you’ll think of Kiel every time you see Alex Ovechkin. (You certainly won’t think of awesome hockey, since Ovechkin has forgotten how to do that.)

1. Stan Van Gundy & Ron Jeremy

stan van gundy ron jeremy celeb athlete look alikes

Stan Van Gundy is luckier than his younger brother, Jeff, because he’s still employed and not nearly as weird-looking.

On the other hand, Stan does look an awful lot like legendary porn star Ron Jeremy, thanks to that mustache.