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by: Esteban On  Thursday, February 16, 2012

hockey fails gifs

Hockey is one of the fastest, hardest, high-octane sports you’ll see. When things go right out there on the ice, nothing is more exciting. But the converse of this reality is that there’s such a small margin of error, so when things go wrong it’s can be either really grizzly or freaking hilarious.

And since we’ve recently taken a look at the nasty side of hockey, today we’re going to look at the lighter side. Guys whiffing on punches, losing their footing at top speed, crashing into teammates, missing empty nets, whacking the puck into their own nets, you name it—this fast-paced game just provides so many ridiculous ways to embarrass yourself on any given night.

Here are 20 fantastic examples, in animated GIF form. Enjoy.

20. Head over heels

In the NHL, the difference between a bone crushing body check and going into the opponent’s bench head-over-heels is about .25 seconds. This one is a real shame, because I know we’d probably all like to see Alex Burrows be on the receiving end of a bone crushing body check.

19. Watch out for the bounce, Cristobal

This one may not be Cristobal Huet’s fault, as the puck takes a bizarre bounce off the boards. But the guy is from France, so let’s make fun of him anyway! Plus, in slow-mo, it looks pretty embarrassing.

18. Gatorade Fail

I’m sure this guy like to tell people that he’s just freakishly strong, and the gatorade bottle was no match for his gorilla grip. In reality, he probably just didn’t make sure the cap was tightened all the way and made an ass of himself.

17. Eat my puck

At first I didn’t think this was a failure. Then I looked more closely and realized he’s not trying to throw the puck at the dude’s face. (Hopefully he got a 5-minute major penalty for being a dumbass.)

16. Celebrating too hard

You score a sweet goal, then you head to the corner and jump against the glass and wait to be embraced by your teammates—players do it all the time. Usually, the glass doesn’t give way, causing you to tumble into the crowd.

15. Runaway ref

Only in the Olympics will you get a linesman who looks like he’s never been on skates before. This guy gets special bonus points for sliding into the back of the Slovak player’s skate crotch first, which had to hurt.

14. Hockey player smart

King’s captain Dustin Brown helps perpetuate the stereotype that hockey players aren’t that bright. I’m sure this could happen to anyone, but you have to love that split second look of confusion on Dustin’s face. “Hey, what the h…”

13. Hey ref, watch out for th...nevermind

Oh man is it fun to make fun of the refs. And here they really outdo themselves. I mean, it would be great if it was just the first guy. But then the second guy comes along and does the same thing. Even though these guys are just amateurs, this is an all-time classic.

12. Fastest. Fight. Ever.

How did Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf ever land a girl like Elisha Cuthbert when this little gem is out there on the internet for all to mock?

11. A Three Stooges Moment

This beauty came during the group play stage of the 2010 Winter Olympics hockey tournament. Luckily for Team Canada, they were able to work out some of the kinks before their rematch against the USA in the gold medal game.

10. Kiss cam fail?

A hockey fail that doesn’t take place on the ice? Sure, why not.

(I sure as hell hope this is a Kiss Cam fail, otherwise it’s just about the saddest thing I’ve ever seen.)

9. Swing and a miss

When P.K. Subban and Brad Marchand—two of the NHL’s most annoying players—dropped the gloves back in October, everyone was hoping both players would take a few good licks and maybe break a jaw so their mouths would get wired shut. Then this happened.

It’s not as good as having his mouth wired shut, but it certainly is gratifying to watch.

8. Stamkos’ shootout choke

Even the NHL’s most dangerous sniper has his bad days. This one Steven Stamkos couldn’t even blame on the bad Florida ice, since it’s an away game in Pittsburgh.

7. Ref gets jacked

An accident, or a punch thrown with malice aforethought? On the one hand, guys don’t just punch referees. On the other hand, the punch is nowhere near the other combatant. Either way, Cal Clutterbuck will never tell.

6. Dude, take it easy

Sometimes horseplay is just horseplay. And other times, horseplay looks like pedophilia…which is unfortunate.

5. Mega celebration failure

This is hilarious because the guy completely misses and just crashes to the ice. But think about what would have happened if he hadn’t missed. He would have taken the other guy out pretty hard, which might have been even funnier.

Epic shootout fail

Why is it that defensemen don’t usually take shootout attempts again? Oh, right. Stuff like this.

(Sorry, Dennis Wideman.)

3. Worst. Fight. EEEVVVEERRRR.

Seriously, is this not the most pathetic fight you’ve ever seen in your life? How does the guy on the right look his teammates in the eye after something like this?

2. Empty net fail

Not only does Dallas’ Patrick Stefan fail to walk the puck into the open net and ice the game. After this play, the Oilers grab the puck, fly down the ice, and tie things up in the last second.

After a fail like this, you just want to join the witness protection program and disappear, don’t you?

1. Get out of here... Oh Snap!

Jaroslav Halak teaches a valuable goaltending lesson with this boner from a game against the Red Wings last season: when the puck it up in the air, don’t try to swat it away with your stick. Thanks for the tip, Jaro.