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The NBA’s Hottest Cheerleaders (By Team): Western Conference

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hottest nba cheerleaders by team western conference

Last week, Total Pro Sports brought you the NBA’s Hottest Cheerleaders (By Team): Eastern Conference. This week, as promised, we bring you Part 2: The Western Conference.

Now, we all know that Kevin Durant and the West beat LeBron James and the East in the All-Star game this past Sunday. But will the West also prevail in the battle of hottest cheerleaders?

There’s only one way to find out. So who’s ready to check out some of the finest cheerleaders in the NBA?

Right this way…

15. Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers: Allie

#15 timberwolves dancers allie

21-year-old Allie is a rookie on the T-Wolves Dance Team. But on our list she pulls off an upset and defeats some of her veteran teammates.

Not bad for last in the Western conference, right?

14. New Orleans Honeybee: Alexa

#14 new orleans honeybee alexa

On the whole, while they have a cute name, the New Orleans Honeybee Dancers are just like the club they cheer for: pretty disappointing. However, before any Honeybees run off crying, please keep in mind that your squad is “disappointing” only relative to other squads. If Alexa here was looking for a date, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single dude who would turn her down.

13. Utah Jazz Nu Skin Dancers: Unknown Hot Chick

#13 utah jazz nu skin dancers 1

Not only are the Utah Jazz Nu Skin Dancers the only dance team in the NBA to have a sponsor’s name in their title—which is embarrassing—but they are also the only team that doesn’t have dancer bios on their website. So while I would love to tell you all who this lovely dancer is, I can’t. All I know is that she made the team.

Nice going, Utah.

12. San Antonio Silver Dancers: Michelle

#12 san antonio silver dancer alana

Coming in at #12 is Michelle from the San Antonio Spurs’ Silver Dancers. This is her first year with the squad, and she says her ultimate career goal is to become the CEO of a major hospital or healthcare organization. So I guess the Silver Dancers are just putting her through college.

Good luck, Michelle.

11. Memphis Grizz Girls: Kasie

#11 memphis grizz girls kasie

While I think they should seriously consider changing the name of their dance team, at least the “Grizz Girls” know how to choose amazing dancers. The lovely Kasie is proof of that.

Seriously, though, the “Grizz Girls”? Bad name.

10. Denver Nuggets Dancers: Krista

#10 denver nuggets dancers krista

Colorado native Krista has been a Nuggets Dancer for 4 years now. Fun facts: her dad is a world champion steer wrestler (I bet her high school boyfriends had a blast), and she’s afraid of spiders and mayonnaise. So that’s neat.

9. Portland BlazerDancer: Veronica

#9 portland trail blazerdancer veronica

Portland is only barely hanging on to 8th place and a playoff spot in the Western Conference, but at least they made the top 10 on this list thanks to the stunning Veronica.

I was going to say something like, “who knew Oregon produced such gorgeous women,” but then I looked up where Veronica is from. It’s Atlanta. So scratch that. (Sorry, Oregon.)

8. Los Angeles Laker Girls: Jacquelyn

#8 Los Angeles Laker Girl jacquelyn

I know the Laker Girls have the reputation for being the gold standard of NBA cheerleading, but I’m all about cutting through the opinions and reputations and looking at the cold hard facts. And the cold hard facts are that, while Jacquelyn here and the Laker Girls are indeed hot, they don’t even come close to being the hottest in the Western Conference. But who knows, maybe 2011-12 is just an off year, and they’ll return to form next season.

7. Houston Rockets Power Dancers: Carrie

#7 Houston Rockets Power Dancers Carrie

Houston, there is no problem. Your dance team (like your basketball team) is surprisingly great, thanks in no small part to Carrie, here.

6. Dallas Mavericks Dancers: Paige

#6 dallas mavericks dancers paige

The Dallas Mavericks Dancers are always going to be second fiddle in their hometown, thanks to the presence of the legendary, world-famous Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. However, they are definitely a top-tier squad in the NBA. I mean, just look at this photo of dancer Paige from their 2011-12 calendar. It’s pretty okay, right?

5. Sacramento Kings Dancers: Brittney

#5 sacramento kings dancers Brittney

At first it was looking like the Sacramento Kings would find themselves in the Western Conference basement. Then we spotted Brittney, who single-handedly bumped the whole squad up about 10 spots.

Yes, she is wearing a sexy flight attendant outfit in this photo. Why? Who cares.

4. Oklahoma City Thunder Girls: Ashley

#4 oklahoma city thunder girls ashley

What is going on in Oklahoma City? It’s one of the most unlikely pro sports cities in America, and yet they have one of the NBA’s best teams as well as one of the NBA’s hottest cheerleading squads. Clearly they know what they’re doing in that town, and I have seriously underestimated them.

3. Phoenix Suns Dacners: Mary

#3 phoenix suns dancer mary

It’s hard to believe this Phoenix Suns Dancer is only #3, isn’t it? But believe it or not, there are two cheerleaders in the Western Conference who are even sexier than Mary.

2. Los Angeles Clippers Spirit Dancers: Anasheh

#2 los angeles clippers spirit dancers anasheh

Los Angeles sports has been turned upside down in the last year. First the Dodgers went broke while the Angels signed the best and most expensive player in baseball. Then the Lakers started selling off good players and the Clippers started snatching them up. Now the Clippers Spirit Dancers have taken the #2 spot on this list, while the Laker Girls sit way down at #8.

Next thing you know, there will actually be a football team in LA again.

1. Golden State Warrio Girls: Samantha

#1 golden state warrior girl samantha

The Golden State Warriors at #1? That’s not the result I was expecting. But you cannot deny the utter awesomeness of Samantha.

The only question is, does Golden State’s Samantha beat Charlotte’s Kristi for the NBA cheerleading title?

It’s too close for me to call. You be the judge.