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FC Porto’s Incredible Hulk Scores An Incredible Goal (Video)

by: JamieD On  Monday, March 5, 2012
Tags:  108 Km/h   Benfica   Goal   Hulk   Incredible Hulk   Porto  

porto's incredible hulk

FC Porto’s Hulk may not have the ability to punch through solid brick walls, withstand nuclear explosions or leap across continents like The Incredible Hulk, but I bet The Incredible Hulk can’t kick a ball with the same accuracy and velocity as FC Porto’s Hulk.

With only six minutes in the books during FC Porto’s crucial match against Benfica on Friday, Hulk beat a defender before taking the ball to the corner of the box and unleashing a 108 km/h blast that beat the keeper and gave his club the 1-0 lead.  He would then proceed to turn green and rip off his shirt, in true Hulk fashion (that last part may not have actually happened).

Porto would surrender two goals before scoring two more goals of their own in the second half and earning the 3-2 victory, giving them sole possession of first place over Benfica.  But it is this blast from Hulk that everyone will be talking about.  Check it out.