Rays’ Elliot Johnson Give Us His Tim Kurkjian Impersonation (Video)

elliot johnson tim kurkjian impersonationTim Kurkjian impersonations appear to be all the rage in Major League Baseball these days.  After watching Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia unveil his squeakiest voice during an interview with Terry Francona on ESPN’s Baseball Tonight, Elliot Johnson of the Tampa Bay Rays wanted Kurkjian to know that Arencibia wasn’t the only player in the AL East that can screech and talk baseball at the same time.

So which MlBer has the best Kurkjian impersonation?  For the time being, I’d argue that Arencibia still holds the title, but with plenty more impersonations expected to surface around the league, that could change at any moment.

Here is a look at the latest Kurkjian impersonation, via the Rays’ Elliot Johnson.

Hat tip – [Reddit]

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