Cameraman On Crane Nearly Hit By Dustin Johnson Drive (Video)

dustin johnson hits camera towerBack in October 2010, Tiger Woods provided us with an image that helped give us an idea of what golf may look like on a 3D television.  Almost two years later I still haven’t seen any golf tournaments being televised in 3D, but we were provided with another sneak peak of what it may look like when it finally happens.  And this time, the sneak peak was a moving image, rather than a still frame.

It comes via Dustin Johnson, as his drive on the 18th hole during the opening round at the 2012 World Golf Championships – Cadillac Championship nearly found a cameraman positioned at the top of a camera crane.

Being positioned on that crane during a windy day must already be frightening enough.  Having to worry about errant drives probably didn’t help calm the nerves of this cameraman.

Check it out.

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