Dwight Howard Does A Great Charles Barkley Impersonation (Video)

dwight howard barkley impersonationIt may be time to start calling Dwight Howard the Derek Holland of the NBA, as he demonstrated some of his own talents when it comes to impersonations prior to the Magic’s Thursday night game against the Bulls in Chicago.

During what appeared to be a welcome change from answering the usual questions regarding his future in Orlando, Howard was asked by reporters to perform his Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal impersonations, and he impressed with both, despite not having any captions to help him do Shaq.

Unfortunately for him, the fun and games was short-lived, as it took less than 90 seconds for the topic of conversation to flip back to his future in Orlando.

Here is a look at Dwight Howard doing his Charles Barkley and Shaq impersonations.

Hat Tip – [Huffington Post]

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