Now It’s Tim Dillard’s Turn To Do A Tim Kurkjian Impersonation (Video)

tim dillard tim kurkjianFirst it was Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia performing his now-famous Tim Kurkjian impression.  Then it was Tampa Bay Rays infielder Elliot Johnson impersonating the Baseball Tonight analyst.  And now the “Let’s all make fun of Tim Kurkjian’s squeaky voice” parade has made a stop at the Milwaukee Brewers’ camp to check in with pitcher Tim Dillard.

As each day passes and another clip of an MLB player performing a Kurkjian impersonation surfaces, the possibility that every team in the Majors has one Kurkjian impersonator seems more and more likely.  You can certainly add the Brewers to the list after watching Dillard’s performance in the following clip.

Check it out.

Hat Tip – [Awful Announcing]

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