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25 Embarrassing Sports Fan Gifs

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, January 22, 2013

embarrassing sports fan gifs

One of the reasons human beings love sports so much is that it provides an outlet for our passion. Lord knows you can’t go to work shirtless with a giant purple letter painted on your chest, and you certainly can’t scream your head off at your boss when he messes something up. So you go to a basketball game after work, have a few beers, and berate the ref.

Of course, from time to time our emotions get the better of us and we get a little carried away. Sometimes this results in nasty fan fights, which can be scary. But most of the times, it just results in people making total asses of themselves—which can be hilarious.

Today, we’re going to keep things light and celebrate the latter. So here for your amusement are 25 gifs of sports fans embarrassing themselves.

Your welcome.

25. Look before you leap

Keep an eye on the left side of this image. It looks like one genius soccer fan decides he’s going to jump onto the field and get in on the celebration. Obviously, he didn’t really think his plan all the way through.

24. K-State fan on X

“Whoa, man, whoa whoa whoa whoa, man! Have you felt this wig? Have you felt it? It’s so incredible, man.”

(Kids: don’t do drugs.)

23. Yankee douche

This guy is why people don’t like the Yankees.

22. The Duke Speedo Guy

The Duke Speedo Guy is responsible for one of the most famous free throw distractions in the history of college basketball. Obviously, this man has no shame. (And I’m not saying that’s necessarily a bad thing.)

21. Intensity

This dude looks like he himself just personally vanquished the enemy.

Who says you can’t live vicariously through pro athletes?

20. Colorado fan...just dancing

That’s one excited Buffalo. It’s a shame his enthusiasm isn’t really rubbing off on the fans around him.

19. Bored NBA legend

Larry Bird is thinking, “was basketball this boring to watch when I was playing?”

18. Weeping Wolves fan

Is this Wolverhampton fan is crying because she knows her team is probably going to get relegated after this season, or because she feels embarrassed that she stole a little kid’s hat?

17. Shakira jumps the gun

Shakira looks pretty silly, here. Still, doesn’t the fact that she’s so into the game make this Colombian superstar that much sexier?

16. Huskers fan just being stupid

Poor stupid hat guy. He thinks he’s being funny by making Jim Carrey faces, but he doesn’t realize that Jim Carrey hasn’t been funny in well over a decade.

15. Stand much?

Don’t watch the play on the field. Watch the fans on the sidelines. Now you see him? Poor guy must have an inner ear infection. Or he’s really drunk.

14. Displeased Mets fan

Notice how, while the guy on the right stews and stews before blowing his top, the guy on the left is just sitting there with a big asshole grin on his face. He’s totally enjoying the show.

13. Arsenal fan passes out mid chant

“I am so drunk! I’ve taken off my shirt! You Gwasglasadfhwonbs…” And he’s done.

12. Blown away

Billy, a 9-year-old trapped in the body of a 20-year-old, reacts to seeing his very first alley-oop.

11. Crying in ‘Bama

Is this guy crying because the Tide just lost an overtime thriller to the Tigers, or because his smoking hot girlfriend just broke up with him (or both)?

10. Clippers chick going nuts

This female Clippers fan is way more pumped than everyone else around her.

9. Soccer fan clocked in noggin

If you’re standing on the goal line at a soccer game, you need to pay attention.

8. Lakers Fans "DUDE"


7. Chick is PISSED OFF

Her man friend in the yellow shirt standing to her left is thinking, “damn babe, relax.”

6. Weeping Man City fan

Alabama guy may have been teared up, but at least he wasn’t full-on weeping.

5. Fan takes epic spill

How is this even physically possible? The fall seems to defy the laws of physics.

4. Too much cotton candy

Kid’s gonna have to wear safety goggles next time he goes to a soccer game. At least he shakes it off and continues enjoying the moment.

3. WTF?

Is there cocaine in that ice cream bar or what?

Sorry, Jimmy, but thanks to the internet you’re never getting into college.

2. Cubs fan ruins perfectly good beer

Interestingly, the guy who just paid $8 for the beer doesn’t seem all that upset. However, the chick who gets splattered with Old Style? Yeah, she’s PISSED. If I’m reading her lips correctly—and I believe I am—she’s saying, “Are you farting kidding me?”

1. Fat jiggly man boobs

Strange how a college football game is the only place where you aren’t shocked and appalled to find a pair of sweaty, giggly man boobs flopping in your face.