Rapid City Rush Fan Breaks The Glass With His Hands (Video)

fan shatter glassWhen the glass shatters during a hockey game, 99% of the time the impact causing it to crack comes from within the playing surface, whether it be via a 100-plus m.p.h. slapshot, or a bone-crushing body check.  As for the other 1%, that would account for the odd instance when a fan’s excitement allows him, or her, to find the power to break the barrier separating them from the ice.

This fan of the Central Hockey League’s Rapid City Rush found that power following a big open-ice hit during Saturday’s home game against the Evansville Icemen.  And his enthusiasm was simply too much for the glass to handle, causing it to shatter upon contact.

That wasn’t the only interesting highlight from this game between the Rush and the Icemen.  There was also this brawl that broke out following a Rapid City goal.

Check it out.

(Hat Tip for both videos to reader Jeremy N.)

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