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Top 10 Best Kaka Goals (Videos)

by: AnthonyP On  Tuesday, March 20, 2012
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Becoming FIFA World Player of the Year, Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite – also known as Kaka, was once one of the best players in the modern era generation of football. However, following his then world-record £56 million move to Real Madrid, the play-maker has been overshadowed with injuries and lackluster performances. However, during his more prolific goal-scoring days at AC Milan, the midfielder scored 70 goals for the club. Total Pro Sports takes a look at the top 10 best Kaka goals.


Although he may have not had the best of times at Real Madrid yet, Kaka picked the ball up from 20 yards or so before shooting a great goal into left corner of the net.


Well-known for his prolific scoring record for international club Brazil, on this instance Kaka


During a match against Villarreal, Real Madrid’s Kaka received the ball from Angel Di Maria to which the midfielder then let go of a powered effort into the bottom left hand corner of the goal.


During a game against Spanish outfit Real Betis, Kaka received the ball from Cristiano Ronaldo before he brilliantly curled the ball into the right hand corner of the net.


During a match with the influential midfielder’s previous club AC Milan, Kaka executed a side-footed effort from a team-mates cross into the top right hand corner of the net.


Running with the ball from well beyond the half way line, Kaka took the ball all the way into the opposition’s box to which he then capped off great pace with a neat finish into the goal.


Retrieving the ball on the left hand side of the pitch, Kaka cuts inside before unleashing a magnificent strike into the right hand corner of the net.


Kaka’s goal against Manchester United really showcased Kaka’s quality as a footballer. The midfielder first headed the ball down, then flicked it over another defender, headed a further time before finishing off with a composed strike.


During a game with previous club AC Milan, Kaka shot from around 25 yards or so with the ball finding its way into the left corner of the net.


In what turned out to be the opening goal for Brazil during the 2006 World Cup, Kaka striked the ball with a side-footed effort from around 20 yards or so back of the net.