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by: JamieD On  Wednesday, March 21, 2012
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brittney grinerThroughout the history of the Men’s NCAA Tournament, there have probably been millions of different players who have thrown down a dunk during a game.  Throughout the history of the Women’s tournament, there have been only two.

The first female tournament dunker was Candace Parker of Tennessee, who threw down two dunks during a 2006 tournament game against Army.  As for the second female dunker, that would be Brittney Griner, who threw down a one-handed slam during the Bears’ 76-57 victory over Florida last night.

So the next time some woman asks you why you won’t turn away from the television for a millisecond during the men’s NCAA tournament, but you won’t even watch a millisecond of the women’s tournament, you can show her the following video and tell her that you would have had to wait three decades to see a slam like this in the women’s tournament, while you can see about ten of these in a matter of five minutes in the men’s tournament.

Check it out.