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25 Excellent Cheerleader Gifs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 5, 2012
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cheerleader gifs

I’m not going to waste your time with a lengthy introduction for this list. Cheerleaders are just awesome. You know it. I know it. They know it. So I don’t need to explain why I would do a list of cheerleader gifs any more than a short order cook needs to explain why he puts cheese and bacon on a hamburger. It’s just a good thing.

So, on that note, here you go: 25 sweet cheerleader gifs to brighten you day. Some are funny, some are impressive, and some are—yeah, that’s right—kinda hot.


25. Song Girls, or Thong Girls?

The USC Song Girls are one of the most famous cheerleading squads in all of sports. However, as you can see, at least one Song Girl misheard the name of the squad…and selected her under garments accordingly.

24. Pack of girls put their pom-poms in boys face

Unfortunately, I don’t think this kid is enjoying the moment the way other boys might.

23. Cowboy tackles his own cheerleader

Maybe these two were actually dating, but she cheated on him, so he decided to get back at her.

22. Mascot getting jiggy with a cheerleader

It looks to me like the cheerleader was just trying to go along with the mascot…and then the mascot got a little closer than she was expecting.

21. Watch out for the fog cannon

Wouldn’t we all like to take a fog cannon to overzealous cheerleaders?

20. Just being hot

Here we just have a cheerleader leading cheers. Nothing special, except for the hotness factor.

19. Gonna getcha

See, this Arizona cheerleader saw that clip of the Dallas cheerleader getting sacked, and she wants no part of that. And yet it still makes for an amusing gif.

18. Butterfingers

Hey guys, thanks for totally dropping me on my head. That felt great.

17. Why cheerleaders shouldn’t drink

This probably seemed like an awesome idea right after a few rum and cokes.

16. Referee

It says “innocent ref,” but there’s no such thing. They all suck when your team is losing and you’ve had a few brews. If anyone’s innocent here, it’s the cheerleaders.

15. Cheerleader beatdown

Hey, um, FYI…don’t f—k with those dudes who throw the cheerleaders up in the air like they’re rag dolls. They’re pretty buff, and looking up chick’s skirts all day creates a lot of pent-up frustration.

14. Must. Watch. Game.

Look, if you’re a cheerleader, you gotta pay attention to what’s going on on the court.

13. Blindsided

That really looks like it hurt.

12. Splash

And herein lies the danger of having cheerleaders at a swimming competition

11. Impressive timing

Now that’s what I call being in sync.

10. Swish

This is an oldie but a goodie. I wonder how many times the poor girl hit the rim before they finally got it right.

9. Knicks cheerleader FAIL

A real pro just gets right up off the floor and strikes a pose. (Though she’s probably cursing the women on either side of her while she does it.)

8. Whoops

Yeah, that’s not where they should she was going to land.

7. Cheerleaders on kiss cam

This kiss cam moment is the saddest thing you will see all day.

6. Memphis mega spazz

Whoa, chill the f out; you’re embarrassing yourself.

5. Wow

Don’t tell these two that cheerleading’s not a sport.

4. Wow, Part II

Kinda like the last one, but with some back handsprings thrown in for good measure. Not sure if that makes it more difficult, but it looks more awesomer.

3. Holy smokes

You’re welcome everybody.

2. Backflip FAIL, Part I

It’s like the girl realizes in mid flip that, hey, this isn’t how the choreography goes. So she just freezes.

1. Backflip FAIL, Part II

I’ve now watched this gif for about 15 straight minutes, and it just doesn’t get old.