Three Harlem Globetrotters Take On An Entire Team (Video)

harlem globetrottersWatching these three members of the Harlem Globetrotters dance around the opposition makes me wonder why an NBA team doesn’t acquire the services of “TNT,” “Too Tall” and “Firefly,” surround them with some big men, and let them run wild on the court?

As a Toronto Raptors fan, I can’t help but wonder why they haven’t thought of this idea yet?  Sure, these Globetrotters may not be able to play defense, but neither can Andrea Bargnani!  Not to mention the fact that three guys sliding around the court while dribbling a ball will certainly provide much more entertainment than some seven-foot dude that shoots three-pointers and is afraid to step into the paint.

All I’m saying is that if our team is going to lose on a nightly basis, I’d rather watch them lose while performing some crazy stunts, like the ones demonstrated by these three Globetrotters in the video below.

Check it out.

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