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21 Hilarious Wrestling Fails (GIFs)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, March 29, 2012
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wrestling fails

Remember when people used to debate whether or not pro wrestling was real or fake? It was hilarious. You’d have one dude in total denial, getting all insulted at the mere suggestion that his favorite athletes might be phonies; then you’d have another dude voicing righteous indignation at the thought of someone actually enjoying a “sport” where the outcome was predetermined. Well, you know what I’ve learned over the years? Both sides of this debate are stupid. Yes, pro wrestling is obviously “fake.” But so what? Movies are fake, but they’re still entertaining. And besides, there’s a serious upside to wrestling being staged. Namely, when things don’t go as planned, it’s freakin hilarious. That brings us to today’s list: 21 hilarious wrestling fail gifs. Because, yeah, it turns out there’s a pretty fine line between choreographed play-fighting, serious debilitating injury, and/or sexual innuendo. Which is fantastic. Enjoy.

21. Really sells this one

Worst. Fall. Ever.

This guy needs to go back to WWE training, cause this is embarrassing.

20. Folding Table Fail

Who could have seen this coming?

19. Ladder Fail

Where the hell was Hammer Pants going, anyway?

18. Rope Malfunction

Whoever assembled the ring for this match had some serious explaining to do.

17. What the hell?

What was supposed to happen here? This guy seems to be nowhere near the action.

16. Sexual Assault?

Someone call the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit.

15. Head Slide

If this one isn’t an accident, then I’m extremely impressed with this guy’s break dancing skills.

14. Slips right through

Pretty embarrassing when you screw up one of the simplest wrestling moves there are (bouncing off the ropes).

13. Strike One

This why you never want to sit in the front row at a wrestling event. You can’t un-see crap moves like this.

12. Finisher Fail

When Rob Van Dam’s finishing move—the VanDaminator—goes right, it’s totally badass.When it goes wrong, however, it’s pretty embarrassing. Such is the yin and yang of professional wrestling.

11. Target: missed

These guys could have used a little more target practice. That had to hurt.

10. Watch out for the chair!

Note to self: do not allow a skeezball with a rattail to perform advance wrestling maneuvers on me.

9. Chairpocolypse

Heels have to be really careful not to go too far when they taunt the crowd. Or at least make sure you’re in a venue where the chairs are bolted down.

8. WTF, Ric?

I guess this is the Nature Boy doing his Three Stooges impression or something. No other explanation.

7. Backflip to Nowhere

Seriously, how was this move supposed to go?

6. Butterfingers

Did the human missile here miss his target, or was the other guy supposed to catch him? (I’m sure they sorted out the kinks while the guy was recuperating in the hospital.)

5. Oh My

When did forcible sodomy become an acceptable wrestling finishing move?

4. Oh My, Part II

This was actually on TV? It’s one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen.

3. Flying Mullet Gone Astray

I guess he  was trying to hit one of the ropes and bounce back in. But really, he looks like a dog who leaps off a ledge to catch a frisbee and then has a Wiley Coyote moment in which he realizes gravity is about to kick in.

2. Premature Smashulation

“Dude, you jumped the gun. Now everyone’s gonna know this sh-t aint real.”

1. Hulk Gets Serviced

Two oiled-up muscly dudes going at it in the ring. Isn’t that what pro wrestling is all about?