David Backham, Derrick Rose And Lionel Messi Star In Adidas' New "We All Run" Commercial (Video) | Total Pro Sports
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David Backham, Derrick Rose And Lionel Messi Star In Adidas’ New “We All Run” Commercial (Video)

by: JamieD On  Thursday, March 29, 2012

derrick rose adidasLionel Messi, Derrick Rose and David Beckham are three of the most well known athletes in the world today, and Adidas is lucky enough to have all three of those superstars, as well as worldwide pop star Katy Perry, working for them at the moment.

The mega-shoe company put the four icons to work in their latest commercial, as they attempt to convince us all that “we all run.”  I, for one, know that this is far from true, as I can probably name more people I know that don’t run, than those that do run.  But because of the fact that Messi and Rose – two of the best players in their respective sports today – are endorsing these shoes, I think I’ll give them a chance.  After all, not everyone runs, but I do.  And so do these superstars.

Check it out.