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50 Hottest Baseball WAGs (2012 Edition)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 26, 2012

50 hottest baseball wags

The 2012 Major League Baseball season gets underway in earnest tonight when the Miami Marlins play the inaugural game in their brand new stadium against the defending World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals. Now, we could mark the beginning of what looks to be another exciting baseball season by doing a list of the season’s most compelling storylines, or by making a bunch of predictions. But what’s the point of making predictions? They’re almost always 50% wrong. So instead, I thought what better way to say “welcome back” to the boys of summer than by ranking their smoking hot wives and girlfriends?

So behold: the 50 Hottest Baseball WAGs. Just like the All-Star Game, every team gets at least one representative. Also just like the All-Star Game, the best teams have the most representatives. Leading the pack this year are the Philadelphia Phillies, who have a whopping 9 wives or girlfriends on the list.

But enough of the preface. Let’s play ball!

50. Ashley McCann (Brian McCann)

ashley mccann (brian mcann - braves)

Well, someone had to come in last, right? Don’t take it personal, Ashley. It’s an honor just to make the team.

49. Madeline Bisanz (Joe Mauer)

maddie bisanz (joe mauer - twins)

Let’s hope Joe Mauer’s finace brings the Twins catcher some good luck this year. The guy really needs a comeback.

48. Kristen Ziegler (Brad Ziegler)

kristen ziegler (brad ziegler - diamondbacks)

Diamondbacks relief pitcher Brad Ziegler met his current wife Kristen at a spring training game two years ago. He spotted her in the stands, then hunted her down in the parking lot after the game. How sweet! (Unless you’re his ex-wife.)

47. Mistay May Treanor (Matt Treanor)

misty may treanor (matt treanor - Dodgers)

Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor isn’t even the most succesful athlete in his household, given that he’s married to beach volleyball champ Misty May Treanor.

46. Sasha League (Brandon League)

sasha league (Brandon League - Mariners)

Mariners closer Brandon League didn’t do too bad for himself with wife Sasha, did he?

45. Kristen Travis (Jered Weaver)

kristen travis (jered weaver - angels)

Angels ace Jered Weaver is engaged to the lovely Kristen Travis, here. Or are they married now? It’s actually hard to find these things out sometimes.

44. Karen Burnett (A.J. Burnett)

karen burnett (aj burnett - pirates)

Karen and A.J. hit the jackpot when the Yankees inexplicably agreed to pay the wild-throwing fireballer a kajillion dollars a few years back. But over the winter the Yanks shipped Burnett off to Pittsburgh. At least now Karen is the hottest wife on the team.

43. Jody Kendrick (Howie Kendrick)

jody kendrick (howie kendrick - angels)

The Angels second baseman has a hotter wife than the team’s new $254 million first baseman. No offense, Deidre Pujols.

42. Julianna Zobrist (Ben Zobrist)

Julianna Zobrist (Ben Zobrist - Rays)

Julianna Zobrist is an aspiring pop singer. Luckily her husband has a pretty secure day job.

41. Aubree Gerardi (Bud Norris)

aubree gerardi (bud norris -astros)

Aubree Gerardi is dating the second-best pitcher on the worst team in baseball (the Astros), but she’s #41 on the list of MLB WAGs.

40. Amber Seyer (Barry Zito)

Amber Seyer (Barry Zito - Giants)

Overpaid Giants pitcher Barry Zito is married to Amber Seyer, former Miss Missouri.

39. Emily Yuen (Justin Verlander)

emily yuen (justin verlander - tigers)

Emily Yuen and her somewhat successful significant other have been together since high school, but they aren’t even married. Hey, whatever works, right?

38. Stephenie LaGrossa (Kyle Kendrick)

Stephenie LaGrossa (Kyle Kendrick - Phillies)

Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick snagged himself a real Survivor in Stephanie LaGrossa—she’s appeared on the reality show three times now.

37. Lindsay Clubine (Clay Bucholz)

linday clubine (Clay Bucholz - Red Sox)

Red Sox pitcher Clay Bucholz is unfortunate in the name department, but fortunate in the babe department. His wife, TV model Linsday Clubine, is pretty okay.

36. Krystle Campbell (Ryan Howard)

krystle campbell (Ryan Howard - Phillies)

Phillies slugger Ryan Howard is engaged to Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Krystle Campbell. Last I heard, they were planning a 2012 wedding.

35. Danyll Gammon (Troy Tulowitzki)

danyll gammon (Troy Tulowitzki - rockies)

Danyll Gammon didn’t just hook up with Rockies superstar shortstop Troy Tulowitzki for his gobs and gobs of money. The two have been together since high school. Awwwwww.

34. Leslee Holliday (Matt Holliday)

leslee holliday (Matt Holliday - Cardinals)

Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday may be a “big fan” of Creed, but at least he has excellent taste in women.

(Back story: a few years back the slugger tweeted that he was enjoying working out to the latest Creed album, and the twitter world ridiculed him for his musical preferences. Personally, I’m not a fan of Creed, but I say cut the guy some slack. If listening to Creed helps motivate him to cultivate those guns that earn him the $20 million per year…rock on, dude.)

33. Dallas Latos (Mat Latos)

Dallas Latos (Mat Latos - Reds)

New Reds pitcher Mat Latos has a pretty attractive wife. I wonder if she’ll miss the San Diego beach while spending the summer on the banks of the Ohio River.

32. Jennifer Konerko (Paul Konerko)

jennifer konerko (Paul Konerko - White Sox)

This is the best photo I could find of Mrs. Konerko. It’s not great, but you can clearly see she is above average in the looks department.

31. Karina Smirnoff (Brad Penny)

karina smirnoff (brad penny - tigers)

Brad Penny played for the Tigers last year, but this year he’ll be pitching in Japan. There were reports that he and finacee Karina Smirnoff had broken off their engagement, but the last official word was that their wedding is “on hold.” (Not sure if Owen Wilson knows that. There have been reports that he’s now dating the Dancing with the Stars ballroom expert.)

30. Susannah Moreland (Mitch Moreland)

susannah moreland (mitch moreland - rangers)

Hopefully Susannah Moreland has done a good job consoling her husband Mitch since that heartbreaking World Series loss back in October.

29. Selma Almeri (Mike Napoli)

selma alameri (mike napoli - rangers)

At #29 on our list is another Ranger WAG—this time it’s catcher/first baseman/designated hitter Mike Napoli’s girlfriend, Selma Alameri.

28. Amanda McCarthy (Brandon McCarthy)

amanda mccarthy (brandon mccarthy - A's)

Oakland A’s pitcher Brandon McCarthy is married to a rather attractive model named Amanda. Maybe you saw the two of them on the cover of ESPN the Magazine?

27. Ana Sanchez (Anibal Sanchez)

ana sanchez (anibal sanchez - Marlins)

Ana and Anibal? These two get the award for weirdest couple names.

26. Emily Greinke (Zack Greinke)

emily greinke (zach greinke - brewers)

Zack Greinke is a pretty enigmatic dude, but he’s good, get’s paid lots of money, and his wife is crazy hot. So who am I to judge?

25. Joanna Garcia (Nick Swisher)

Joanna Garcia (Nick Swisher - Yankees)

Lots of people rank Nick Swisher’s gal Joanna Garcia a lot higher amongst baseball WAGs, but I couldn’t bring myself to placer her any higher than #25. I think you’ll understand why we move on.

24. Missy Coles (Michael Schwimer)

Missy Coles (Michael Shwimer - Phillies)

Phillies pitcher Michael Schwimer is married to fitness competitor Missy Coles. As you can see, she certainly has her glutes in fine shape.

23. Jennifer Lopez (Felipe Lopez)

jennifer lopez (felipe lopez - free agent)

I’m sure Jennifer Lopez here (no, not that Jennifer Lopez) wishes her husband could get his attitude in check so he could find steady work. The guy has plenty of talent, but he keeps getting dumped by teams due to “character issues.”

22. Brooke Sorenson (Laynce Nix)

brooke sorenson (laynce nix - phillies)

It’s not fair that a guy who spells Lance with an unnecessary “y” just thrown in the middle should have a wife as hot as Brooke Sorenson. Not fair at all.

21. Heidi DeRosa (Mark DeRosa)

heidi derosa (Mark DeRosa - Nationals)

Nationals utility man Mark DeRosa’s wife Heidi is pretty damn good looking. But she’s still only #21, which means the top 20 must be amazing, right? (It is.)

20. Aura Avila (Ronny Cedeno)

Aura Avila (Ronny Cedeno - Mets)

There’s no way Ronny Cedeno can fill Jose Reyes’ shoes for the Mets. But with a wife like Aura Avila, I really doubt he cares about that.

19. Juliana Ramirez (Manny Ramirez)

juliana ramirez (manny ramirez - a's)

With a husband like Manny Ramirez, I’m surprised Juliana doesn’t have a whole head of grey hair.

18. Heidi Strobel Hamels (Cole Hamels)

heidi strobel hamels (cole hamels - phillies)

It’s one thing to have a wife who took off all her clothes for lots of money. It’s quite another thing to have a wife who took off all her clothes for a jar of peanut butter and a bag of Oreos. (That’s what Cole Hamels’ wife Heidi famously did as a cast member of Survivor.)

17. Torrie Wilson (Alex Rodriguez)

torrie wilson (alex rodriguez - yankees)

Usually A-Rod has pretty poor taste in women. (Madonna? Cameron Diaz?) But I must admit, with WWE Diva Torrie Wilson, here, he finally hit a homerun.

16. Jennifer Utley (Chase Utley)

jennifer utley (chase utley - phillies)

Chase Utley’s wife, Jennifer, is amazing. Now, if only he could get healthy and play baseball.

15. Kim DeJesus (David DeJesus)

Kim DeJesus (David DeJesus - Cubs)

It’s looking like it will be yet another long year for the rebuilding Northsiders. At least David DeJesus will have this gorgeous woman to come home to after a grueling road trip.

14. Brittany Binger

brittany binger (grady sizemore - indians)

Grady Sizemore can’t take 3 steps on a diamond without spraining a knee. Maybe that’s because he’s overexerting himself in the bedroom with Playboy Playmate Brittany Binger.

13. Larisa Fraser (Ryan Braun)

larisa fraser (ryan braun - Brewers)

Ryan Braun managed to escape a 50 game suspension after testing positive for performance enhancing drugs thanks to a technicality. Has anyone thought to ask his lingerie model of a girlfriend whether she noticed any significant testicular shrinkage in the last 10-12 months?

12. Michelle Damon (Johnny Damon)

michelle damon (johnny damon - free agent)

Whatever team Johnny Damon ends up playing for this year, there’s a good chance his wife Michelle will be the hottest WAG there.

11. Lisa Dergan (Scott Podsednik)

Lisa Dergan (Scott Podsednik - Phillies)

Scott Podsednik can’t seem to get himself back to the majors. This year, he’ll be starting out with the Phillies Triple-A squad. But with a wife like Playboy model Lisa Dergan, it can’t bother old Pods too much, can it?

10. Lauren Anderson (Reid Brignac)

lauren anderson (reid brignac - rays)

Reid Brignac isn’t even the Rays’ starting second baseman, but he’s already snagged himself a Playboy Playmate in Lauren Anderson.

9. Jamie Kotsay (Mark Kotsay)

jamie kotsay (Mark Kotsay - Padres)

When Mark Kotsay got scooped up by the Padres, his incredible wife Jaime became the hottest WAG in San Diego.

8. Shannon James (Hunter Pence)

Shannon James (Hunter Pence - Phillies)

The funny thing is, Shannon James isn’t even the first Playboy Playmate Hunter Pence has dated. (I think he’s addicted.)

7. Marikym Hervieux (Russell Martin)

Marikym Hervieux (Russell Martin - Yankees)

I’m not sure what the status is for Yankees catcher Russell Martin and model Marikym Hervieux. They’re a bit on again, off again. But until I get a definitive answer, here’s Hervieux at #7.

6. Audris Rijo (Jonathan Sanchez)

audris rijo (Jonathan Sanchez - Royals)

Former Giant and current Royal Jonathan Sanchez is married to beauty queen Audris Rijo. She is Miss Domican Republic. Obviously.

5. Alejandra Tejada (Miguel Tejada)

alejandra tejada (miguel tejada - free agent)

It’s not likely that Tejada will get signed by a team this year. At least, not a sane team. And one has to wonder, what? You don’t to retire and spend all day every day with a woman like Alejandra?

4. Rima Fakih (Ricky Romero)

rima fakih (ricky romero - blue jays)

Blue Jays ace Ricky Romero is dating (still, I think) Miss USA Rima Fakih.

Well, done, Ricky.

3. Jaime Edmondson (Evan Longoria)

jaime edmondson (even longoria - rays)

Rays superstar Evan Longoria is sporting some serious arm candy these days. I wonder how long it will last.

2. Diana Roberts (Brian Roberts)

diana roberts (brian roberts - orioles)

All-Star second baseman Brian Roberts may be stuck in the bottom of the AL East with the Balitomore Orioles, but at least his wife is ridiculously hot. I mean, ridiculously hot.

1. Minka Kelly (Derek Jeter)

minka kelly (derek jeter - yankees)

Some have called Minka Kelly the sexiest woman alive. So obviously she’s been bagged by The Captain. I think these two are now “officially” broken up; however, they’ve been spotted together by tabloids, leading to rumors of a reunion. And since we’re talking about Jeter, here, I’m going to consider them an item until Minka is pregnant with another man’s baby.