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21 Hilarious MMA (GIFs)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 26, 2012
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funny mma gifs

Usually, MMA is a pretty serious sport. After all, you can’t fool around too much when guys are dishing out muay thai roundhouses and spinning heel kicks. But every once in a while, things don’t go as planned. And then MMA can be pretty hilarious. To show you what I’m talking about—and to brighten the day for all you MMA fans out there—here are 21 funny MMA gifs. Enjoy, but don’t try any of this at home.

21. Referee take-out

mma ref tackle

It’s like a secret service guy taking a bullet for the President…after he’s already been shot.

20. Celebration Fail, Part 1

mma celebration fail

The dude who just lost to this spaz must feel really embarrassed now.

19. Celebration Fail, Part 2

mma celebration fail

You would think this guy would try to play it cool after this stunt—you know, try to make it look like he didn’t just do a backflip belly flop onto the mat and break a rib. But I guess the pain was overwhelming

18. No Hopping Allowed!

mma ref take-out tackle

I can understand if a ref has to tackle a guy to prevent serious bodily harm to his opponent. But in this one, nothing’s even happened yet. (Is there some secret “no hopping” rule in MMA that I’m not aware of?)

17. Photoshop + GIF = Hilarity

mma fail

When you miss a kick by this much, you deserve to be photoshopped.

16. Hey, let me try that!

mma ref puts guy in headlock

I guess the ref was tired of just watching guys fight. So he decided to get in on the action and make this a three-way.

15. Who needs that kind of protection?

mma ref tackle take-out

This is definitely a case in which intervention is needed. But I think the ref might do more damage by jumping on top of the guy being pummeled.

14. Thumbs up

mma thumbs up funny

Don’t worry, everybody, I’m totally fine. No really, I got this.

13. Boo!

mma scary face

Well I guess you never know if a guy scares easily until you try, right?

12. Clutching his McD’s

mma mcdonalds

Are you saying this guy loves his Micky D’s? Yeah, that looks about right.

(Yes, I know this is photoshopped, chill out.)

11. MMA disco

MMA disco dancing

Even tough MMA fighters like to let loose and boogie every once in a while. Is that the right word? Boogie?

10. Ref’s knows kung fu

funny mma referee

Wait, what are we supposed to do now? Oh, right, karate chop the other guy. Thanks, ref.

9. And the winner is...

mma referee fail wrong guy winner

This guy right here. No. Crap. I mean, it’s this guy. Sorry.

8. Ref likes double knockout

mma ref excited about double knockout

In case you couldn’t tell by the excited reaction from the referee, this double knockout is f—ing sweet.

7. Smooch, Part 1

mma kiss

After this, let’s go get a bite.

Sounds good babe


6. Smooch, Part 2

mma kiss

This is pretty much what you expect to happen when a guy plants one on his opponent before the match, isn’t it?

5. Smooch, Part 3

mma kiss

Wow, that army guy is super pumped that these two dude finally expressed their true feelings for each other.

4. Crotches ready?

mma referee crotch pat

What? Doesn’t the ref always perform a pre-fight crotch inspection? No?

3. Halitosis

mma ref has bad breath

This guy must have been a Boy Scout. He’s obviously come prepared for everything—even bad breath.

2. Self-inflicted

mma fighter punches himself

Reminds me of a cartoon. You know the ones—there’s a big scrum, and one character grabs a hold of what he thinks is another character’s foot and chomps down on it, then immediately realizes it was in fact his own foot.

1. Stop, Drop, and Roll

fat mma fighter duck tuck and roll

Well, that’s one way to escape danger.