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by: JamieD On  Tuesday, May 22, 2012

rangers fan sprinkler danceAfter catching seven home run balls during the 2011 MLB season, Texas Rangers fan Trent Williams figured it was about time he begins celebrating these souvenir grabs with a sprinkler dance.  And during last night’s game between the Rangers and the Seattle Mariners, he introduced that dance to the world.

In an interview with a reporter following the catch, Trent stated that his glove is always ready to make a catch whenever Josh Hamilton is at bat, and the Rangers’ slugger didn’t let him down on this occasion, as he belted a ball over the center field fence and into Trent’s waiting glove during the fourth inning of Texas’ 11-5 victory.

The Rangers would hit four home runs on the evening, but only Hamilton’s would be followed up by a sprinkler dance celebration.  Check it out.

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