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17 Victoria’s Secret Models Who Dated Athletes

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, May 9, 2012

victorias secret models who dated athletes

Usually when we do a list featuring a bunch of attractive women romantically linked to professional athletes, it’s from the perspective of the athlete. We say “hey, check out this hot chick so and so is dating.” But when we’re talking about Victoria’s Secret models? Well, that’s different. With them we say “hey, check out the athlete that supermodel is dating.” Because no matter who the athlete happens to be, the Victoria’s Secret model is going to be the one taking center stage.

So on that note, I present to you today’s list: not 17 Athletes Who Dated Victoria’s Secret Models, but rather 17 Incredicle Victoria’s Secret Models Who Dated Athletes.

17. Jessica Stam

#17 jessica stam victoria's secret (aaron voros)

Canadian Victoria’s Secret model Jessica Stam dated hockey player Aaron Voros, formerly of the New York Rangers. She probably broke up with him when he got demoted to the AHL. Or maybe when he got released by his AHL team. (Canadian hotties only date good hockey players.)

16. Noemie Lenoir

#15 noemie lenior (claude mekelele)  victoria's secret

Noemie dated retired French soccer player (and current assistant coach of Paris Saint-Germain) Caude Mekelele, by whom she had a son in 2005. The two split in 2009, and in 2010 Lenoir tried to commit suicide at Mekelele’s house. So I’m guessing they have a complicated relationship.

15. Daniela Cicarelli

#14 daniela cicarelli (ronaldo) victoria's secret

This Brazilian beauty was engaged to soccer legend Ronaldo for a few months back in 2005. (But she’s more famous for a 2006 sex tape scandal—which did not involve Ronaldo.)

14. Raica Oliveira

#13 raica oliveira (ronaldo) victoria's secret

Racia Oliveira also dated Ronaldo, who apparently has a fondness for Victoria’s Secret models. (I think we can all sympathize with that predilection.)

13. Adriana Karembeu

#12 adriana_karembeu (christian karembeau) victoria's secret

Last spring, Adriana reportedly separated from her husband, Christian Karembeu, a former French soccer player. But they had a good 12 year run.

12. Veronica Varekova

#11 veronica varekova (petr nedved) victoria's secret

Czech hottie Veronica Varekova used to be married to retired hockey player Petr Nedved. (She took the other “e” in Peter in the divorce.)

11. Giselle Bundchen

#10 giselle bundchen (tom brady) victoria's secret

When you’re doing lists of regular everyday sports WAGs and you come across Giselle, she’s pretty much always in the top 3. But when you’re doing a list entirely of Victoria’s Secret models, Mrs. Tom Brady can’t even crack the top 10.

10. Tyra Banks

#9 tyra banks (chris webber) victoria's secret

Once upon a time, when Tyra Banks was just a super hot model and not a nut-job TV host, she dated Chris Webber. It was brief, but it counts.

9. Marisa Miller

marisa miller

In 2000, Marisa married Jim Miller, a lifeguard and pro surfing promoter from southern California. They divorced two years later, but Marisa kept the name.

8. Elsa Benitez

#8 elsa benitez (rony seiky) victoria's secret

You would think a woman like Elsa Benitez could bag a superstar athlete worth a cajillion dollars. But what can I say? She fell in love with retired basketball player Rony Seikaly. They got married, had a kid, then divorced.

7. Alina Puscau

#7 alina puscau (eddie irvine) victoria's secret

This ridiculously hot Romanian dated F1 driver Eddie Irvine for a while. And while I’m sure Mr. Irvine was a fine race car driver, he was way out of his league with Alina. Way, way, way out.

6. Brooklyn Decker

#6 brooklyn decker (andy roddick) victoria's secret

If you never saw another photo the rest of your life after this one of Brooklyn Decker, you’d probably be okay with that, wouldn’t you?

Thank you, Mrs. Andy Roddick.

5. Adriana Lima

#5 adriana lima (marko jaric) victoria's secret

After fulfilling her legal obligations to Derek Jeter (sexy models and actresses are required by law to sleep with The Captain at least once), Adriana Lima went on to marry basketball player Marko Jaric. No, really, Marko Jaric.

4. Selita Ebanks

#4 selita ebanks (james blake) victoria's secret

Selita Ebanks was rumored way back when to have dated Phillies slugger Ryan Howard. She’s also supposedly dated tennis player James Blake. I wouldn’t have believed this particular rumor, but Blake is good friends with serial hot chick daters John Mayer and Andy Roddick, from whom he’s probably picked up a few pointers.

3. Bar Refaeli

#3 bar refaeli (kelly slater) victoria's secret

Refaeli’s most famous ex-boyfriend is Leonardo DiCaprio (who is basically the Derek Jeter of Hollywood in that supermodels are required by law to date him). But she also did a tour of duty with pro surfer Kelly Slater.

2. Alessandra Ambrosio

#2 alessandra ambrosio (steven aillen) victoria's secret

The gorgeous Alessandra Ambrosio (even her name is sexy) dated some dude named Steven Aillan back in 2007. Apparently he’s a surfer, though I can’t find any mentions of him on the interwebs that do not begin, “Alessandra Ambrosio’s surfer boyfriend…”

1. Irina Shayk

#1 irina shayk (cristiano ronaldo) victoria's secret

Russian super dupermodel Irina Shayk is not only dating Cristiano Ronaldo, but she’s stuck with him through thick and thin—like when she found out he knocked up some random chick he met in a club, then paid her $15,000,000 for sole custody of the kid.

Come on, Irina. I know Cristiano’s hot in an effeminate sort of way, but you can do better. You’re the hottest Victoria’s Secret model ever. You can have any heterosexual man on the planet (and probably a couple of homosexual ones, too).